Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And I introduce to you.....

My shiny new precious. It has been 5 months in the making but is finally ready.

It has Chris King headset, Handspun wheels with Mavic open Pro Wheels and ultegra 6700 hubs, SRAM Rival Grouppo, Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Seat and Deda stem, handlebars and seatpost when its back in stock. The best thing I love about the bike is it is Steel, handmade in Italy and has lugged joints *drool*

I have not really had a chance to try it out for a decent ride but heres hoping this weekend.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Update

Well first lets get weight out the way. Unfortunately I gained a pound for the week so I'm at 235lbs for the week. This is me back on the weekly update so we will see how it goes.

Today I had to get some college work done. I think Jen got bored so first mowed a bit then headed out for Jenny time. Upon finishing the college work I also decided to have Stevie time so headed out myself, just that I headed out on the bike *grin*. I did the 20 mile Ft Campbell route and will give details of the stats and rout in a min. First I wanted to give you a rundown of my thinking during the ride. Please note this is like my 6th ride of the year and the last four have been over the last month. It was also my second longest at just under 20 miles (only the sunrise century half metric was more).

Mile 0 :- sweeeeeet, I'm on the bike .
Mile 1 :- (first little hill) hell yeah I'm feeling good. I'm gonna push it a bit harder
Mile 5 :- 10 mile or 20 miles. I can do it, I'm going for it. I'm also gonna push it.
Mile 7 :- I'm having fun... should I turn back, it would be about 15 miles.... nah go for it 2 more miles and I'm at the point of no return. I think ill push it again.
Mile 10 :- Point of no return, think I will push it.....hmmmm the brain says yes the legs are saying WTF dude!!!!
Mile 14:- (374 ramp - uphill) - OMFG the legs are not happy with me..puuuuuushhhh ....owwwww nope....spiiiiiiin
Mile 17:- soooo close.....sooooooooo close
Mile 19:- (uphill to subdivision) Last push lets go for it.. PUUUUSHHHHHHH
Mile 19.2:- whimper..... I just wanna make it without falling over
Mile 19.77 :- (home) water.....I need.....water... why are keys not working...dammit let me in technology give me WATER.

Also I would like to point out that I did the full 20 miles without stopping. One of my goals is to ride a century and if I stop ever 5 miles I will never get it done so I wanted to make sure I could sustain riding for 20 miles without stopping (of course maybe I should have rode more before trying). After effect of doing this..... Anyone catch the number of the bus that hit me.

Stats for the Ride
Trip Distance :- 19.77 miles
Trip Time :- 1hr 18mins 37 secs
Ave Speed :- 15.09 mph
Ave Cadence :- 67 rpm
Max Speed :- 28.75mph

That's me for now. Have a good one.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weight update.

Well I finally fell back on the primal band wagon and this is day 3. So far its not been too bad and I had a yummy filling breakfast. The thing that steeled me to get back on it was the fact that I had got myself down to 232 and was looking at 230 and below. I have had the last few weekends where we were away and when I weighed myself Monday I was 243ish. Talk about annoyed.

Well its Thursday and I have cut out diet sodas, I have been keeping on the primal diet and I weighed myself this morning. Back to 234...WOOT. I think I finally got the hit that I needed to get refocused, for now I just want to see how I survive the weekend. *LOL*

So weigh in at 6am :- 234lbs


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mount Carmel excursion

Well its another week and another trip on the weekend *grin*. This time we visited Jens cousins in Mt Carmel with the goal of doing some mountain biking. It was planned that we would ride Saturday but the stupid weather had other plans *LOL*. Thankfully the weather cleared up for Sunday and we were able to get a 5-6 mile ride in. It was a little boggy but hey that's what mountain bikes are for *LOL*.

On a side note, for those of you in the know I was testing out my mountain bike after being in at the bicycle center here in Clarksville TN. I have had to take the bike back to them 5 times since I bought it last year and the issues had never been resolved. It took them charging me for a derailleur adjustment for me to get annoyed enough to talk to the right person. The bike was returned to them, the money (i was only 16 dollars but I felt it was the principle of buying a bike that works) returned to the account and another few weeks of work occurred to the bike. By the time it was finished the owner of the store dealt with the issue and made sure to ride it for half an hour to make sure it was fixed (which was all I asked every time I took it in but as it worked fine on the stand it looks like it was never done). By the time the work was completed, they had replaced the left (front) shifter, the front derailleur, the crank and the bottom bracket. Couple this with the chain and cassette already replaced quite a lot has been replace.

After the 6 miles with me putting good pressure on a few uphill sections the ghost shifting is finally gone. Props go out to the owner who once apprised of the situation took full ownership of the issue and got me a resolution (not his fault the mechanics never told him).

ok time for bed, peace out peeps.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunrise Century and weekend

Well to start off the holiday weekend Jen and I rode the 34 mile route on the sunrise century. It meant a nice 6am rise and approx 3.5 hrs of riding. It might have been a bit faster if we had actually ridden more this year but since it is 3 times longer than anything done this year I am happy with it. Had a couple of cramps during the ride but was able to push past them.

Stats for the ride:-
  • Total Distance:- 34.01 miles
  • Time Taken :- 2hrs 55 mins 24 secs
  • Ave Speed :- 11.68 mph
  • Ave Cadence :- 51 rpm
  • Max Speed :- 24.21 mph

Once we finished this we dived home, cleaned up and headed out for the weekend to Cincinnati. Meeting up with Gabe and Em we preceded to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with a few beers and cultural things while enjoying the different foods Cincinnati had to offer. It was a welcome break for me and I really needed it. Long may more turn up *LOL*


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Post for today.

Well I havent posted my weight in a bit, it is sitting sorta stable at the 235lb mark. I cant really complain about it but I really need to get motivated to take it lower. I am hoping my announcement (hopefully next week around Friday) will be the motivation I need to lose the rest of the weight I want to lose.

On a side note I think FEMA sucks, and specifically I think the inspector who did our inspection should find a new Job. They seem to think that 10% of what we had to pay is acceptable and every time I have to appeal they sit on it for 2 months. I am really getting to the point that I think they learned NOTHING from Katrina.

Talk to Y'all soon


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday morning ride

Well we got on our bikes Sunday and went for a nice ride. we didnt push ourselfs just picked a quiet route and rode it. All I can say was fun fun fun. Also , wow, its been a while and even though I have not been motivated this ride was easy, It didnt feel like I had to strain at all. When I mentioned it to Jen she made me realise that yeah it should be easier as I am about 30% less than what I was when I started riding last year.

For now here is the information from my phones gps software.

Comment: nice 13 mile relaxed ride

Name: Sunday morning ride
Date: Aug 22, 2010 8:01 am
(valid until Sep 21, 2010)
View on Map
Distance: 12.7 miles
Elapsed Time: 1:10:50
Avg Speed: 10.8 mph
Max Speed: 19.1 mph
Avg Pace: 05' 33" per mile
Min Altitude: 391 ft
Max Altitude: 538 ft
Start Time: 2010-08-22T13:01:57Z
Start Location:
Latitude:36.570298º N
Longitude:87.288641º W
End Location:
Latitude:36.570101º N
Longitude:87.288619º W

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

stress levels = high, thanks WALMART

I swear I will be glad to see the back of the house flood issues. we are getting close but there seems to be little things that are driving up the cost. I know they are not fluff items though and are needed hence why I accept them being done, I just wish I knew about them earlier.

On things that are annoying me (see total tangent LOL) I had to have the clutch replaced on my car. 860 dollars paid out so far and another 200 to go to make it 100 percent. It is drivable till I can get the last fixed (leak on the reservoir that allows it to be driven as long as I keep an eye on it). I would have grudgingly accepted as my car is getting older and is close to its 200K birthday. As I said I would have grudgingly accepted it if it were not for the fact that It was the incompetence of a Walmart "mechanic" that caused this issue.

How, I hear you, do I know its Walmarts fault? Simple In the last 60-100K miles the only company that has topped up my fluids (during oil change) and did my oil changes has been Walmart. How do I know its their fault. Simple the mechanic who worked on my car found the cap of a DOT3 fluid bottle lodged in my reservoir which had blocked the fluid from getting down the hose. Their words, "this is what caused your clutch to fail".

I am going to email Walmart corporate and explain what happened and see what they say. I don't think they are going to say anything but I am going to make clear that this is the last straw for me and that they have lost my business and that I am letting everyone know what happened. Also I am pointing out that this is not the first instance of incompetence, the list is long that I let them away with :-
  1. not balancing a new wheel, as soon as I hit 50 mph it started wobbling like crazy
  2. taking car in with dying battery and indicating that If dying please replace. they replaced with WRONG battery.
  3. leaving the oil cap off after an oil change (oil every where)
  4. leaving cable disconnected to air filter (old car)
  5. leaving tools sitting on engine when completed.
  6. selling a wheel that was faulty (out of round) then blaming it on alignment (finally another store looked and agreed it was a tire issue)
  7. the last straw - the clutch issue.

While it would be great if they came back and apologised and offered to pay the costs because they are just that type of company I am not holding my breath. Have a google of "walmart car problems" or similar and you will find that Walmart is prone to fobbing issues off to their insurance company who then find ways to deny it (you took your mechanical issues to a mechanic instead of bringing it to our guys who only do minor things like oil changes tire changes etc.). I hope that Walmart will prove me wrong and will report on anything I get back.

More unrelated news - weigh in Sunday 237lbs

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

crazy times - still

So we are still fighting with issues after the May 1st floods. The end however in the case of AC is I hope close. Getting FEMA to assist well that is another matter. Work has also been contributing to the crazyness but I am hoping with the hiring of someone within the next 4-6 weeks that will be alleviated.

Now down to the real stuff you visit here for. What have I been up to in the battle of the bulge!!! Well weight is down around the 237-240lb mark. This weekend was crazy and I never got to weigh in hence the average. Cycling wise I have been getting on the bike. 2 times in the last 4 days. Not long rides but acceptable. About 5-7 miles on Saturday and then 2.5 miles last night. I know, I know no where near where I need to be but I'm on the bike. We also walked the Clarksville Greenway Sunday and had 5.2 miles of walking goodness so it was not a sloth like weekend (including the 4-5 hours of working on the front yard Monday).

I will have a minor announcement coming soon. Some of you already know what it is about but for others just watch this space *LOL*

OK going for now.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy Last week

Ok first off weight on Sunday morning was 245LBs so I believe a loss of about 3 lbs. Still not really working out but still trying to focus on that and failing.

This last week has been pretty hectic. For those not in the know TN was hit by a pretty bad storm at the start of the month. I thought we had got by pretty much scott free. Alas I was wrong. I have been dealing with in the last 4-5 days with dealing with registering with FEMA and talking to the city of Clarksville to try and help me out. Basically we had a storm drain that did not do its job and ended up submerging our HVAC unit and part of our yard in about a foot and a half of water. We are 3 weeks later and my ductwork still contains water and my system is inoperable due to it. A quote I have received is that we need a new HVAC and new ductwork. Oh JOY!!!!!

My hopes are the whole process will be painless but it may result in it being a hot painless due to no HVAC *LOL*. We have lots of box fans running to try keep up airflow but it is getting a little warm outside !!!

More updates when I know anything but before I go I want to give a big shout out to Allstate. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!! It was impressive how fast they rushed to respond to our claim with a great big DENIED. seems if the rain had fallen directly into the unit it would be covered but hit the ground and your SOL. I am pretty mad at them but then I think most of the others are probably just as bad. Seriously we don't live in a flood plain why the hell are we not covered... could it be because as the insurance companies say 90% of damage is through flooding so they don't want to pay out!!! biggest annoyance though was they didn't even have the decency to put it to a TN adjusted they sent it to TX. how can someone in TX look at it... maybes they didn't plan to and this was the dept that scowers through the policy for an out.

Just my 2 cents. Rant over.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weigh in

Well weigh in for the week was a little late (this morning) due to having to work Saturday (12 hrs in a server room moving lots of hardware) and getting to the scale.

Couple of pound weight loss which I'm happy with as food intake was bad this weekend (and I'm sure the donut for breakfast will not help, thanks Colton ..... actually its all I will have for breakfast so as long as I eat the way I plan to the rest of the day there is zero damage).

Weigh in at 6am - 248.5lbs

Still having motivational issues with getting on bike and going to Gym. Its still being worked on but I am seeing it as a multi step process where I seem to have the eating almost in check and I can partially blame the lack of riding on the crappy weather the last week (cant blame no Gym on it though).

Goal for this week is at least 1-2lb of weight loss, we shall see and if I can I want at least a bike ride in.

See yah soonly.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Slow update

So we got out last Sunday (yeah I know its Friday) and did 2 hrs of mountain biking at Rotary park. It was fun by all although hard and I was whining like a little girl due to abuse by my pedals on my shins *LOL*. Details for the ride are below (first recording with Iphone app).

Weigh in on Sunday was 251 so I had a loss of 6lbs for the week but am still 8lbs from getting back to my restart point *le sigh* to continue on the journey. I can but keep trying.

Stats For the Ride

Distance :- 3.54 miles
Elapsed Time :- 1hr 57 mins 01 secs
Speed :- Ave : 1.8 mph Max : 8.7 mph
Altitude:- Min : 331ft Max : 443ft

Link to the Google Maps output from the App.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flooding brings first Ride of season

So as everyone probably knows Mid TN got hit by a LOT of rain which has caused major flooding. At this time it is difficult to get into Nashville from Clarksville and parts of Clarksville (as is Nashville) are still under water. Last night Clarksville had a curfew in effect from 8pm till 4am and there is talk of it happening again tonight (WTH). Our house came through ok-ish. The room that was originally a garage but then converted during building got flooded a little and by the time the wet/steam vac was finished I had picked up 15 gallons of water from the carpet although there was more on the floor and 2 days later it is still drying. We had water rush down from the storm drain and washed away our onion patch plus I believe got under the house a little so we are allowing that to air out and will check to make sure all duct work is good in a few days.

I tried to get to work yesterday but failed. Got as far as Briley Pkwy and had to turn back. 55 miles in a 60 mile trip, it sucked. Because I was then off on vacation I tried to make thew most of the day and when Jen suggested a bike ride I took her up on the chance. Stats are below but lets say I was surprised how well I felt after a 20 mile ride. I was hoping to have the stats pulled from my IPhone also as I have an app to track but I had it in direct sunlight which the phone did not like (it overheated and rebooted *LOL*). Perhaps next time we will get some results.

Here is route we took. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3698783

Stats of the Ride (which I hope are first of many)
Distance:- 19.41 miles
Time:- 1hr 25mins 51secs
Ave Speed: 13.57mph
Ave Cadence:- 61rpm
Max Speed:- 25.42mph

As a side note I am trying hard to get my food back on track while I did have a 2400 calorie day yesterday if I go by spark people and factor in my mowing also I burned 2200 calories... go figure. Now if it just reflects in a loss on Sunday (Oh yeah weighed myself last Sunday and I had hit 257lbs..BAD but it is the line in the sand... this week WILL be down)


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok School is out for summer. Time to get myself back in shape and get myself riding again.

Its been a harsh 6-7 months. I just have not been motivated to do much. Don't ask me why I just don't know. Hell I think I still have motivational issues but I got to get past them.

I weighed myself midweek and I'm up to 255 lbs. UNACCEPTABLE

Today is my first attempt at drawing the line and saying enough. I have tracked my food intake today (approx 1000 cals) so far and hope to keep food at or below 2000 cals. My goal is to get back to 1500 - 1700 cals a day. I also took today to walk down to visit Jen at work, thankfully will power was there and I did not get ice-cream from the store next to her work (Scott I'm looking at you). So in theory I have burned some cals.

My next task in hand is to get back on the bike. I may not be able to get out and ride for the next few days due to commitments and crappy weather this weekend but I want to try set up the trainer and get 10-15 miles in. I think I have figured out why I didn't over the winter months (apart from the motivation) and will try the mods to see. I have also purchased an app (shock horror me spend when there are free apps) for my phone to track distance speed, mapping and altitude to try to improve my output on here and give me a 2nd source for stats.

Another task is to get to the Gym. I am paying for a membership that is not used. (cant get out of it *LOL* damned 1 yr contracts) I need to use it and get the strength training started. My final goal for the season is to ride the Clarksville Sunrise Century in September. IT will probably be my first century but I think it is the most logical (it is one of the flattest).

Hopefully updates will be forthcoming. Talk to you soon

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silence is not always golden.

Its been a quiet few months from me recently. Unfortunatly I have been busy. I have been busy working on college, busy doing motorcycle things and as such my cycling and my weight have both suffered. I weighed myself this morning and Im about 248lbs. Its not to bad but its not where I want to be. Since the colder whether came in I have cycled a total of like 6 times. I bought the trainer so I could cycle through the winter.... I didnt... *le sigh*... I signed up with a gym to keep me motivated.... I haven't been in almost 2 months.... I dont go to PT anymore.

What the hell happened!

Heres what I see as has to happen

1. I get school done for the summer. 2 more weeks...... 2 more weeks

2. I get on the bike and I ride. Then I ride more. Then I ride more. From what I can see I will not make dragon con this year so I think I want to try make my goal for then to be that I do the Clarksville century. Its a flat ride so I think I could do it. But only if I get my ass back on the bike.

3. I am paying for the Gym. I am going to get back to going. Reggie if you read this I will text you each time I am going to go. You will join me and you will lose weight with me *LOL* well I hope you will join as you will be invited and welcome.

4. I am going to ride more. oh yeah I mentioned that. Well it is true. Talking of true I really need to get my wheels trued *again le sigh* but hmm I now have a good source for a bike shop. wonder what they will charge.

If you don't hear much from me for the next two weeks don't worry. I am not gone but its because I'm not fully back. This is just a warning to everyone to expect postings to happen and weight to go away.

Have a good few weeks.

"Lard - Ass" :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weigh In

Ok First post, its 4 days late but its been hectic. My weigh in for the week on Sunday 14th at 8am was 245lbs. That's a loss of 1.5lbs for the week. I am hoping I can continue the downward trend I have started again. Exercise has been suffering a bit though and it looks like I wont be able to till at least Monday. Either way I am hitting the Gym next week and my goal is every night. It may not happen but shoot for 5 and get 3 or above I'm happy. Emails will be sent to arrange with Reggie and my PT (hey Reggie heads up *LOL* hope you are ready).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Times they are a changing

So I worked harder at not eating bad last week, especially as I could not work out due to other commitments. I felt that I did better and it reflected it when I weighed in on sunday morning. I am at one of those points where the needle was perfectly in the middle so weigh in for Sunday at 8am was 246.5lbs.

I think the change has been made for me to be finally on track again. My mind is more focused and my body is not rebelling as much. I visited a personal trainer for a free session at my gym and I have a plan of action that meshed with Reggie's will give us a good work out plan for a week (alternating our plans as PT suggested). Along with this I want to make sure I keep going to Mandy (my primary PT) and actually show improvement instead of the static I have been. It seems to have been the way of things that when I'm with the PT nothing happens, and then when they have issues and we cant meet my brain gets focused *sigh*. I have an appt tonight which is stopping me from going to gym but for the rest of the week my goal is to get to the gym every night after work. Even if its only for 30 minutes it is still an improvement on what I have been doing.

In other news Jen and I have been discussing a vacation in May. Our idea (well Jens idea since she rode on a section) is to ride our mountain bikes on the Katy Train in Missouri. Take a week and attempt to ride the full trail and then back to Neil and Loris. I have to admit I am excited about the prospect. A week of riding and camping out sounds fantastic and I cannot wait. I have looked at some sites and it looks to be a fun trail. Plans are afoot to get our bikes tweaked / checked and modded (add panniers) to be ready for May. I also love the fact that we are being organised about having a vacation instead of ending up not doing anything and just hanging out around Clarksville.

Well that's it for now. Post more soon.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy Week

Its been hectic this week, in work and out. I have been dealing with rearranging the house and so far its in a not bad shape. I would say oh about 60 percent complete and I'm hoping to work on it more this weekend if I can. In amongst it all two things have happened. One I have eaten pretty healthy all week (yay me) and I have cheated and weighed myself a couple of times to see what was happening, If i can avoid badness this weekend I will be hopefully reporting a loss. The down side to the business..... I have not been able to work out all week!!!!

Tasks for next week are to get the house into excellent condition, get back to my normal workout routine and continue eating healthily. I think if I can keep it up I will be able to restart my journey for real (instead of hovering around 250 like I have for the last few months). The differences I have noticed are that I am making smart decisions. Instead of eating at Wendy's last week I went and bought a chicken which fed me for 3 days *LOL*. While meeting Larry and Barb for lunch today I could have been sooo bad as we were at Teds Montana Grill and they do excellent food. My order was Teds bowl of chili and their wedge salad with blue cheese dressing. I had 2 onion rings and 3 or 4 chili fries courtesy of Larry (damn him for knowing my weaknesses) but all in all I kept calories down to about 700-800 cals for the lunch (150 were the 2 onion rings *sigh*) This to me is not bad considering the chili cheese fries alone for an order were 1200 calories, as with the onion rings. Old me could have got them then a burger probably eaten the lot and have consumed over 4-5000 calories....as I have said previously I think I have changed for the better forever (eat less 99% of the time) and the old me is gone. I plan to NEVER go back to ~320-330lbs.

Oh Yeah I have a pic on my fridge of me at my fattest I think. My goal is to scan it and a current photo and you can tell me what you think.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So its been a little bit since I last posted..... STILL at 250lbs I actually did well last week then the weekend hit and it was hectic. lots of bad choices and it took me up to the same weight.

Exercise has suffered since Friday also. I am in the process of rearranging the whole house (think moving 3-4 rooms around and getting rid of a LOT of crap) and it has cut into my time for other stuff. College is being done at work during lunch time *groan* so I have zero free time at the moment.

Just waiting and hoping for spring to hit, cause the trainer is all well and good but I need to get out and ride. Its just to easy to stop get off the trainer and go do something else. Or in the current situation not have room to do anything.

Now you know where I am, I will talk to you soonly with a better weight update.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gym update.

So I signed up to the same Gym as Reggie has been going to. Worked out (cardio) with him last night and ended up at 8.77 miles in 35 minutes at level 12. It was a hill climb program and It got hard at times. *grin* goal of Joining the Gym is that with Reggie I will have someone to go with and keep company. I find if its left to me I am not going to do it *sigh* it sucks but hey, I liked this Gym and I get a little cool keytab to get me access. wooooooo.

I will be continuing to see Mandy as my PT at APSU but I hope between the 2 places I can finally push my body to the place I want it to be *LOL*.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh in

Ok so I was right in my guess-timate No weight loss this week, and very almost a 1lb weight gain. Scales were a little unsure and were closer to 248 than 249. So official weigh in is 248 lbs. It looks as if I am going to have to do a lot more work at staying focused when in company. I know I can do it at lunches but it seems if we have a gathering of some type my body looses its focus.

Thankfully its through knowing these issues that allow me to move past them. Personal training is a bit stagnant Just now as my Trainer has had to change her life a bit and is working and doing school so we are having to schedule different times. I however do not want another trainer if I don't have to, she is the most effective trainer I have had. To combat this however I am scheduled to look at a Gym Reggie is using to see if I will join and go with him. I would go with Jen but she is a morning worker outerer..... I on the other hand have to be an evening worker outerer, it works perfectly with Reggie *LOL* and I do need someone else to join with or I will not do it.

Ok back to work (not really Mike is here ...hey Mikey)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend etc

So we spent the weekend at Gabe and Ems, I don't know how well I did, I guess we will know tomorrow at weigh in. Saturday we headed out to a Sushi place and finished off the evening by going to an British pub and then back to their place for some rock band. Sunday involved a lot of relaxing and watching movies.

Today I have felt sorta out of sorts. I cant put my finger on it but just know that I aint my usual chipper self,. ahh well tomorrow is another day *grin* I did however get my ass onto the trainer for a bit. Stats as follows:-
  • Total Distance :- 5.7 miles
  • Trip Time:- 21 mins 58 secs
  • Ave Speed:- 15.57mph
  • Ave Cadence:- 67rpm
  • Max Speed:- 19.07mph

Apart from that not much happening Getting my head round being in school and arranging for the books I need. Talk to you tomorrow with the official weigh in.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well it seems that I might just be serious about keeping myself on track this time for getting the rest of my weight off. It has now been two weeks and I am keeping track in sparkpeople every day and making sensible decisions about what I take in and how much I eat. I still have a little bit more to go before I am happy that I am back on the right road that continues me on my journey. For me I think a major detour that is looming upon me is the start back of college classes. My goal however is to not let this affect me and for it to be just a very worn speed bump. Another hurdle that needs to be overcome is for me to work out at home. It seems that there is always something coming up that I do not work out at all when I am at home. Last week it was only one day I did anything. For this week I need to increase that to 3 maybe 4 times to make me happier. To be able to get to my goal of completing a century it is a necessity for me to get back on to the trainer.

As I have been told " No excuses - Just do it", I can do the walks in work so I can do the bike at home.

Ok back to work... Peace


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weigh in

Well its been an ok week...worked on the eating, had personal training Wednesday and trying to get on the bike trainer.

Weighed myself and its a 2lb loss for the week

Current Weight :- 248lbs

not really awake enough to type much more today so I will try to do a real post later today or during the week.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 3

Well day one and two went well with me eating right and perhaps not enough. I walked both days and had personal training last night. Today I worked from home due to snow and while not walking I also ate pizza for a combined lunch / dinner. It was one of the delite pizzas from papa murphys so it could have been worse. By sparkpeoples estimation I think I ate 2100 calories for the day and while It was not majorly bad (they gauge me at 2000-2300 a day) It was over the 1500 I am trying for each day. To help combat this though I got on the bike trainer as I kept on threatening, partially because I knew I needed to and partially to combat the pizza. All I can say is WOW. I can tell its been too long.

Stats for ride are :-
  • time taken 16 mins 59 secs
  • ave speed 14.81mph
  • ave cadence 64rpm
  • max speed 19.07
  • trip distance 4.15 miles

stats are ok but not really to my liking, I could feel it and the legs etc feel it after the ride. It makes me want to do it more get back the 2-3mph I have lost. If I am really serious about the century I need the 2-3 mph plus another 2-3mph. I need to get it up to 20ish I think. Working out 100 miles in a six hour time frame it would be a constant 16.66mph but i know I will have to stop. Give myself 45 mins and in theory I could get away with 19mph, even at my best last season I was not even close. Work has to be done and its started thankfully.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day one

Well the festive period is DONE. I weighed in this morning and I am 250lbs. Today is my attempt and putting actions where my words have been, I have walked both morning and afternoon and I am shooting for some cycle action tonight. Food wise I am keeping track again and dinner is looking to be healthy n yummy.

Goals for this year are:-
  • Reach 200lbs by the end of year
  • ride a century event.
  • investigate a iron man event.
  • be healthy.

These goals are dependent on my doing what I am saying so wish me luck