Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The things we do

We ate at O'charlies last night, and I think I did well I had the black and blue salad for dinner. My one partial cheat was the cheese wedges. I didnt eat the wedges, just the cheese. *grin* casue cheese is on the low carb diet. If you are unsure what I mean have a look below *LOL*.

See you soon

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Diet and Weight

So since I put on the extra weight I have been toying with going back on to a low carb diet. It to date has been the only diet that worked for me where I ended up losing 50lbs and kept it off until I slipped back into my old ways. First its amazing how diets end up being fads, when I did it before it was all the rage and everything was "low carb" complete with a heinz low carb ketchup (1g instead of 4g of carbs). Doing it the second time you can no longer find the stuff. Never the less my 6 week plan is weeks 1-2 40g of carbs (net), week 3-4 30g of carbs, and week 5-6 20g of carbs where my goal is to try and stay until I lose the weight I need (along with working out). This is a modified low carb diet, i will be keeping mainly away from red meat if I can staying with fishes and poultry to try minimize unhealthy fat. This is not to say if I go to a steak house im not having a steak.... hell will freeze over before that happens, its a low carb diet I'm allowed *LOL* just will make sure i get steamed veggies with it. For day one I did well, my gross carbs was at 40g which probably means approx 30-35g of net carbs.

Weigh in at 6am today :- 304lbs

Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok so 2 posts in one day. last post was too damned long *grin*. Update on health matters. I have personal trainer tonight (edit: he called out sick - Personal Training rescheduled till Tuesday) and worked out last night - Jen and I played about 40 mins or racquetball, worked out legs for about 30 mins then finished with 4 laps on indoor circuit - 2 walking, 2 running

Weight post tomorrow.

home upgrades

No update on weight as I have not weighed myself... I keep forgetting in the morning *LOL* I will remember an post tomorrow.

Whats been happening since my last post. Well a few things have been going on behind the scenes but nothing that needs to go onto the blog. Overall its been a busy week, as they all seem to becoming. College is hectic this semester for some reason and it seems to be constant from one thing to another. For now it is to produce a 6 page (double spaced) paper by midnight Wednesday. Perhaps I will get stressed closer but I feel ok about it.

I have been looking at our house, in and out and the yard to see what needs to be done and that I want to be done. Here is my list of things needing done or I want to do.

Master Bathroom

  • Finish paining the ceiling - removed popcorn ceiling and did 1st layer on drywall.
  • Install Light
  • Finish stripping last of wallpaper backing
  • clean the damned shower/bath tub - the upper section is scary.
  • Tile from top of shower/tub unit to ceiling.
  • replace toilet. The toilet itself is ok but the seat fittings are rusted, seal is shot and I don't like it
  • replace sink unit & possibly paint current cabinetry (after sanding varnish off)
  • put proper tile down
  • paint trim etc and replace mirror / vanity lights

Spare bathroom

  • sand and paint ceiling
  • tile floor
  • replace sink surface and possible paint cabinet
  • paint trim etc
  • clean bathtub

Master bedroom

  • Paint room
  • remove popcorn ceiling (dependant on how well bathroom looks)
  • hardwood floor
  • paint trim
  • install light/fan

Guest bedroom 1

  • Paint inside closet
  • hardwood floor
  • remove popcorn ceiling
  • install light/fan

Guest bedroom 2

  • repaint walls & trim
  • Paint closet and doors
  • Hardwood floor
  • remove popcorn ceiling
  • install light / fan

Living room

  • fix cracks in ceiling / loose drywall tape due to settlement
  • hardwood floors
  • remove raised section of room
  • paint
  • removed popcorn ceiling (they are vaulted and 16 ft and I have a fear of heights hmmm might be hard)
  • sort out noisy fan / replace

Dining room

  • replace ceiling fan
  • fix cracks in ceiling
  • hardwood floors
  • paint


  • Fix Ceiling (replaced light was smaller and now there are holes *LOL*)
  • paint and / or tiles on walls near stove
  • Tile floor.
  • Cabinet upgrade maybe
  • Counter upgrade for SURE!!!

Game room

  • hardwood maybe
  • repaint

House outside

  • Fix loose bricks on front step
  • Replace eaves or repair where needed.
  • replace front roof section (shingles / roof due to shoddy replacement - caused eave damage)
  • other minor issues


  • remove pool and replace with sunken bricked sun area / fire pit / fireplace type (picture of something similar below.
  • finish removal of shed (approx 80% complete)
  • finish replacement of fence (approx 35 - 40% complete)
  • make yard pretty.

Looking at picture imagine more sunken with a retaining wall and a bricked fireplace type thing and maybe firepit

Monday, February 16, 2009

Continuation and Weight update

Ok Weigh in this morning and I was surprised with the weekend I had that my Weight is currently:- 306lbs.

Last section update for the weekend. - day of birthday we relaxed and watched a movie before Gabe and Em had to leave and we went to the Ballet. Unfortunately we missed it and had to reschedule. After lunch in Nashville we headed to Opry Mills, walked around then headed home as I had an exam to take (stupid online classes *LOL*). The night wound down with some Mexican take out and a couple episodes of Big love all in all a very quiet birthday day.

Personal trainer tonight so I may be a whimp tomorrow. Have fun and I'll see you soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend update

Well as everyone knows it was Valentines day this weekend, but it was also my birthday. woo hoo. Official day is today but there was an event Friday. I was picked up by Reggie and we proceeded to Dave and Busters in Opry mills Mall. After 100oz of Guinness I was relaxed and we had fun fun fun.

On the Saturday we messed about in preparation for Valentines night Dinner. Gabe and I were preparing appetisers and main course and Jen and Em did the desert. For appetizer we had a sweet pepper bruchetta which turned out great, sweet but also a little savoury with the Garlic, definite yummmmmmm (Gabe prepared this).

Main course was lamb, fried in some olive oil till nice and tender then covered with a balsamic vinegar reduction. It was placed on a bed of greens and fried pears were added (with reduction on them also) and finished with some sliced avocado. Cooking was done by yours truly and presentation was completed by Gabe... Picture is below of finished result.

Dessert for the evening consisted of chocolate fondue with pretzels, banana, strawberry's and pineapple complete with toppings (crushed mint cookies, nuts and coconut) all in all a very tasty dinner washed down with a bottle of Tempo wine from Beachhaven winery.

More to follow along with weekly weight update tomorrow.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick update.
  • Weighed in Sunday 8am :- 308lbs
  • studying done this weekend :- 4%
  • enjoyment done this weekend :- 96%

Really need to work on the study percentage. *grin*

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is my butt supposed to feel this bad?

Ok I am a right royal wimp! I just did 6 miles on the bike and my ass feels like its not happy with me. The reason I am a wimp is that Jen and Reggie are still on their bikes about ohhhh 15-20 miles into a 30 mile trip to Dover. With the wind that is there today I was having difficulty keeping it going for the first 3 miles. it would hit me at full force and I would almost stop. I was not happy and I hope it didn't show cause I really did want to be there.

The best part of the trip... the 3 miles back. Not because I was going back but because the ride was FUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN. I don't know if I had finally got the gears worked out, i dunno if it was cause the wind was at my back or if it was slightly down hill but I was pedaling and pedaling wanting to get faster and faster then letting myself coast for a little bit. If it hadn't been for the 2 major roads I had to stop at and for my seat slipping I wouldn't have came off the bike all the way home. Hell if my butt didn't hurt so much I think I would want to go and do it again *LOL*.

Well Just got the call from the pro bikers I gotta go get them so peace out Y'all.

No weight today. I'm going to get that set to a Sunday or Monday and post it every week.

EDIT: ok Jen and Reggie did 18 miles which is kewl beaners, main reason for stopping is moronic driver and lack of hard shoulder to cycle on, welcome to TN drivers. Edit to my mileage is that including the circuit round my sub division I actually did about 10.5 miles not 6 miles as I was led to believe... its about 4.5 - 4.8 miles one way woo hoo me

Friday, February 6, 2009

Im back

So its been a week or two since my initial post. College is crazy and its only week three and it doesnt help that im having motivational issues *LOL*. Last weekend was Jen and my combined birthday vacation. We took the weekend plus monday and headed to Gatlinburg. Man talk about a great time. On the saturday we went with our friends Gabe and Em and hiked a trail in the Smokies. it is a 5.6 mile round trip with the fun of seeing an old steam engine lying in a creek (really cool to see) . Sunday Jen and I went to ober and tried our hand at snowboarding. I hr lesson and 4 hrs on the kiddy slopes. Jen as usual is bettter at it than me *grin*. shes just leet is all. I could get down half the slope... next time my goal is all the way down. After it we were off to Bubba Gumps for some shrimp..YUMMMMMMMM

The rest of this week has been a wash out, I work get home and then after dinner I end up trying to force myself to study. With the warmer weather hopefully tomorrow we are talking about going for a cycle so that I can get on my new pride and joy (now doesnt it look kewl)

and get my ass moving in the right direction for my fitness goal. Im excited about this. I always liked going on bike rides and although its been a while I think Ill get back into it fast. I keep thinking that once it gets light enough I want to do it most nights when I get home at least a few laps around the neighborhood. I do that I have fun and I get cardio and loose the huge gut I have. I had a look at people on a bike site (before and after) and I want to be one, I want to lose this gut. Since my last post I weighed myself this morning and Im up a pound WTF

Current Weight: 309lbs

Goals for the week. - Saturday Get to cycle. Monday Personal training. Wednesday or Thursday - Workout at home