Friday, February 6, 2009

Im back

So its been a week or two since my initial post. College is crazy and its only week three and it doesnt help that im having motivational issues *LOL*. Last weekend was Jen and my combined birthday vacation. We took the weekend plus monday and headed to Gatlinburg. Man talk about a great time. On the saturday we went with our friends Gabe and Em and hiked a trail in the Smokies. it is a 5.6 mile round trip with the fun of seeing an old steam engine lying in a creek (really cool to see) . Sunday Jen and I went to ober and tried our hand at snowboarding. I hr lesson and 4 hrs on the kiddy slopes. Jen as usual is bettter at it than me *grin*. shes just leet is all. I could get down half the slope... next time my goal is all the way down. After it we were off to Bubba Gumps for some shrimp..YUMMMMMMMM

The rest of this week has been a wash out, I work get home and then after dinner I end up trying to force myself to study. With the warmer weather hopefully tomorrow we are talking about going for a cycle so that I can get on my new pride and joy (now doesnt it look kewl)

and get my ass moving in the right direction for my fitness goal. Im excited about this. I always liked going on bike rides and although its been a while I think Ill get back into it fast. I keep thinking that once it gets light enough I want to do it most nights when I get home at least a few laps around the neighborhood. I do that I have fun and I get cardio and loose the huge gut I have. I had a look at people on a bike site (before and after) and I want to be one, I want to lose this gut. Since my last post I weighed myself this morning and Im up a pound WTF

Current Weight: 309lbs

Goals for the week. - Saturday Get to cycle. Monday Personal training. Wednesday or Thursday - Workout at home


  1. Home workouts are poo. Its a good bad weather substitute, but a home gym will never replace a real, honest to goodness fitness facility. There are way too many reasons and excuses to not workout at home...and for some reason we seem to find every one of them.

    So I say skip the home workout and we can meet at the gym!

  2. WooHoo! Time to inflate the tyres and dust off the helment!

  3. If you are working out, and not on hardcore diet(like the low carb), then you will gain weight occasionally. You will be adding muscle and subtracting fat. Muscle weighs more than fat.
    Also, it's just a shock to the body, so it may try to go into conservation mode at first. When I started back on the low carb, the first week I gained two pounds.

    Jen is right about the home gym thing. There are a larger variety of machines.. it is an atmosphere of health/fitness.. you see other people who are in shape and that can motivate.. you can get a personal trainer.

  4. Jen I am game for working out at the Gym, it means racket ball also Woo Hoo.

    Larry yeah I thought that too, I have also been seriously considering going onto the low carb diet but I think my PT would have a fit *LOL*