Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok School is out for summer. Time to get myself back in shape and get myself riding again.

Its been a harsh 6-7 months. I just have not been motivated to do much. Don't ask me why I just don't know. Hell I think I still have motivational issues but I got to get past them.

I weighed myself midweek and I'm up to 255 lbs. UNACCEPTABLE

Today is my first attempt at drawing the line and saying enough. I have tracked my food intake today (approx 1000 cals) so far and hope to keep food at or below 2000 cals. My goal is to get back to 1500 - 1700 cals a day. I also took today to walk down to visit Jen at work, thankfully will power was there and I did not get ice-cream from the store next to her work (Scott I'm looking at you). So in theory I have burned some cals.

My next task in hand is to get back on the bike. I may not be able to get out and ride for the next few days due to commitments and crappy weather this weekend but I want to try set up the trainer and get 10-15 miles in. I think I have figured out why I didn't over the winter months (apart from the motivation) and will try the mods to see. I have also purchased an app (shock horror me spend when there are free apps) for my phone to track distance speed, mapping and altitude to try to improve my output on here and give me a 2nd source for stats.

Another task is to get to the Gym. I am paying for a membership that is not used. (cant get out of it *LOL* damned 1 yr contracts) I need to use it and get the strength training started. My final goal for the season is to ride the Clarksville Sunrise Century in September. IT will probably be my first century but I think it is the most logical (it is one of the flattest).

Hopefully updates will be forthcoming. Talk to you soon

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silence is not always golden.

Its been a quiet few months from me recently. Unfortunatly I have been busy. I have been busy working on college, busy doing motorcycle things and as such my cycling and my weight have both suffered. I weighed myself this morning and Im about 248lbs. Its not to bad but its not where I want to be. Since the colder whether came in I have cycled a total of like 6 times. I bought the trainer so I could cycle through the winter.... I didnt... *le sigh*... I signed up with a gym to keep me motivated.... I haven't been in almost 2 months.... I dont go to PT anymore.

What the hell happened!

Heres what I see as has to happen

1. I get school done for the summer. 2 more weeks...... 2 more weeks

2. I get on the bike and I ride. Then I ride more. Then I ride more. From what I can see I will not make dragon con this year so I think I want to try make my goal for then to be that I do the Clarksville century. Its a flat ride so I think I could do it. But only if I get my ass back on the bike.

3. I am paying for the Gym. I am going to get back to going. Reggie if you read this I will text you each time I am going to go. You will join me and you will lose weight with me *LOL* well I hope you will join as you will be invited and welcome.

4. I am going to ride more. oh yeah I mentioned that. Well it is true. Talking of true I really need to get my wheels trued *again le sigh* but hmm I now have a good source for a bike shop. wonder what they will charge.

If you don't hear much from me for the next two weeks don't worry. I am not gone but its because I'm not fully back. This is just a warning to everyone to expect postings to happen and weight to go away.

Have a good few weeks.

"Lard - Ass" :-)