Monday, December 21, 2009

week before Christmas

and I am going to try again to get focused. I weighed in this morning at 250lbs. My Goal for sunday is 248lbs.

So far monday has been bad but I am looking to improve the rest of the day with P.T. I finally started doing as she asked (30 situps and 10 pushups last night) and I am looking to get on bike trainer also (Jen has the one who has been taking advantage of this tool but I need to also)

This weekend ended up a weekend of some mechanical woes... My car gave me a low coolandt warning but looks to have been fixed with $7 dollars worth of coolant. The bike on the otherhand had a more expensive issue *sigh* I cleaned spike and took her to the post office on Friday. When I got back I looked at the rear tire and thought to myself *WTF* as I could see the wires of the tire in the central tread. After calling around and checking online I ended up riding to midsouth motoplex in clarksville (15 miles at 50-60 mph speeds) and paying 170 for a tire (170 FOR A FRIGGING TIRE.... ONE.....ONE not four ONE) then paid 45 for it to be mounted and balanced. This was not me being ripped off though this is the standard price...... WALMART if you can hear me START DOING MOTORCYCLE TIRES only just to get the price down *LOL*.

Ok rant over... see you at 248 Sunday I hope

ps mountain bike still in for repair.... poor thing


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update on repairs of eaves

So I promised when we worked on the eaves I would paint and post. It took me a while but I have some progress shots. Bear in mind that only half has been painted and the other half is still in need and that this s only till ken can get out so we can put vinyl up on them.

Area 1 before work
Area 1 after repairs
Area 1 after painting
Area 2 Before work
Area 2 after repairs
Area 1 after painting

Other shots of work done


Its been a while since I last posted. I am surprised how long. School is finished for me and its almost time to have a few weeks off. Weight has not moved much and I have probably gained 5 lbs but I am hoping to get it sorted and back on track finally.

As in my last post the only real fun I have been having is riding the motorcycle but I hope to get my ass back on bicycles too. The road bike is set up on the trainer and I want to ride it some, the mountain bike is currently in the shop getting repaired I hope. Since I bought it the gears have not been right and it would jump up and down any time I put pressure on them to get up a hill. It was mucho frustrating. On talking a day or so ago they are about to try changing out the cassette in their attempts to resolve the issue.

Last bit of news is that Jen has completed her Masters and is graduating tomorrow. As she had talked to her 'rents and they had said they would be here she is going to walk. Come 10am I will be cheering her on as she gets cloaked (damned Klingon technology - how come she gets it *LOL*). As it is chrimbo time we are going to try have a general get together to celebrate this at some point soon.

ok I hope to post more regularly so talk to you soonly.