Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Update

Well another month has passed and its now been 152 days since I committed to the primal lifestyle. To say that it required a rethinking of what I do and how I eat is an understatement. When I started back in trying to lose the 30ish pounds I had gained I didn't realise the improvements I would make and where I would be now.

When I started I had crept back up to 268lbs (my pregnancy weight LOL) from 232. Now as most know 232 is not where I want to be that is another 30-50 pound lower so that being said it meant I was 70-90 from my goal but still a good 50 lbs less than I was. Even with that good news (what good news) I was not happy being heavier again. 152 days later I can happily report that I am now down to 229 lbs that is the 36lbs I gained plus 3 *grin*. For the month that means I lost 7lbs for the month.

Its not just the weight that has changed thankfully. I am seeing it in other areas also. For the first time in ohhh 20ish years I am in a size 36 Jeans. I will admit its a loose size 36 but hey its 36.  I am also working out more than I used too. Not as much as I should really be doing but I am trying to rectify that. In the 2-3 months I have had gym membership at NFC I have visited it more than the last one (3 times in a year erk). Most times it is to work with weights with Jen but on those times she is with her PT I instead do cardio. Cardio for me is still the bike and if I can get 30 mins on even a stationary bike it means I still get 30 mins.

On the food front I have been fine tweaking what I eat, a good example being that at the start of the year i was eating way to much red meat, and have been trying to vary the primal foods that I can have. We purchased coconut and almond flour to assist us and these have resulted in "alternate" cooked foods that are primal. Over the last few months coconut flour pancakes have become a regular breakfast food at the weekend (more for ember as she LOVES them LOL) but my most recent discovery was primal banana nut bread which I baked a couple of days ago and it has been a huge hit (just need to reduce the amount of salt in it though) and use the almond flour. Given time I am also looking at trying some of the almond flour breads just to see how they work. For those interested the nutrition info for the pancakes and banana nut bread are as follows

per pancake
(14 per batch)
we include a banana
B.N. Bread
per slice
(assuming 20 per batch)

Laters peeps