Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gym update.

So I signed up to the same Gym as Reggie has been going to. Worked out (cardio) with him last night and ended up at 8.77 miles in 35 minutes at level 12. It was a hill climb program and It got hard at times. *grin* goal of Joining the Gym is that with Reggie I will have someone to go with and keep company. I find if its left to me I am not going to do it *sigh* it sucks but hey, I liked this Gym and I get a little cool keytab to get me access. wooooooo.

I will be continuing to see Mandy as my PT at APSU but I hope between the 2 places I can finally push my body to the place I want it to be *LOL*.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh in

Ok so I was right in my guess-timate No weight loss this week, and very almost a 1lb weight gain. Scales were a little unsure and were closer to 248 than 249. So official weigh in is 248 lbs. It looks as if I am going to have to do a lot more work at staying focused when in company. I know I can do it at lunches but it seems if we have a gathering of some type my body looses its focus.

Thankfully its through knowing these issues that allow me to move past them. Personal training is a bit stagnant Just now as my Trainer has had to change her life a bit and is working and doing school so we are having to schedule different times. I however do not want another trainer if I don't have to, she is the most effective trainer I have had. To combat this however I am scheduled to look at a Gym Reggie is using to see if I will join and go with him. I would go with Jen but she is a morning worker outerer..... I on the other hand have to be an evening worker outerer, it works perfectly with Reggie *LOL* and I do need someone else to join with or I will not do it.

Ok back to work (not really Mike is here ...hey Mikey)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend etc

So we spent the weekend at Gabe and Ems, I don't know how well I did, I guess we will know tomorrow at weigh in. Saturday we headed out to a Sushi place and finished off the evening by going to an British pub and then back to their place for some rock band. Sunday involved a lot of relaxing and watching movies.

Today I have felt sorta out of sorts. I cant put my finger on it but just know that I aint my usual chipper self,. ahh well tomorrow is another day *grin* I did however get my ass onto the trainer for a bit. Stats as follows:-
  • Total Distance :- 5.7 miles
  • Trip Time:- 21 mins 58 secs
  • Ave Speed:- 15.57mph
  • Ave Cadence:- 67rpm
  • Max Speed:- 19.07mph

Apart from that not much happening Getting my head round being in school and arranging for the books I need. Talk to you tomorrow with the official weigh in.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well it seems that I might just be serious about keeping myself on track this time for getting the rest of my weight off. It has now been two weeks and I am keeping track in sparkpeople every day and making sensible decisions about what I take in and how much I eat. I still have a little bit more to go before I am happy that I am back on the right road that continues me on my journey. For me I think a major detour that is looming upon me is the start back of college classes. My goal however is to not let this affect me and for it to be just a very worn speed bump. Another hurdle that needs to be overcome is for me to work out at home. It seems that there is always something coming up that I do not work out at all when I am at home. Last week it was only one day I did anything. For this week I need to increase that to 3 maybe 4 times to make me happier. To be able to get to my goal of completing a century it is a necessity for me to get back on to the trainer.

As I have been told " No excuses - Just do it", I can do the walks in work so I can do the bike at home.

Ok back to work... Peace


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weigh in

Well its been an ok week...worked on the eating, had personal training Wednesday and trying to get on the bike trainer.

Weighed myself and its a 2lb loss for the week

Current Weight :- 248lbs

not really awake enough to type much more today so I will try to do a real post later today or during the week.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 3

Well day one and two went well with me eating right and perhaps not enough. I walked both days and had personal training last night. Today I worked from home due to snow and while not walking I also ate pizza for a combined lunch / dinner. It was one of the delite pizzas from papa murphys so it could have been worse. By sparkpeoples estimation I think I ate 2100 calories for the day and while It was not majorly bad (they gauge me at 2000-2300 a day) It was over the 1500 I am trying for each day. To help combat this though I got on the bike trainer as I kept on threatening, partially because I knew I needed to and partially to combat the pizza. All I can say is WOW. I can tell its been too long.

Stats for ride are :-
  • time taken 16 mins 59 secs
  • ave speed 14.81mph
  • ave cadence 64rpm
  • max speed 19.07
  • trip distance 4.15 miles

stats are ok but not really to my liking, I could feel it and the legs etc feel it after the ride. It makes me want to do it more get back the 2-3mph I have lost. If I am really serious about the century I need the 2-3 mph plus another 2-3mph. I need to get it up to 20ish I think. Working out 100 miles in a six hour time frame it would be a constant 16.66mph but i know I will have to stop. Give myself 45 mins and in theory I could get away with 19mph, even at my best last season I was not even close. Work has to be done and its started thankfully.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day one

Well the festive period is DONE. I weighed in this morning and I am 250lbs. Today is my attempt and putting actions where my words have been, I have walked both morning and afternoon and I am shooting for some cycle action tonight. Food wise I am keeping track again and dinner is looking to be healthy n yummy.

Goals for this year are:-
  • Reach 200lbs by the end of year
  • ride a century event.
  • investigate a iron man event.
  • be healthy.

These goals are dependent on my doing what I am saying so wish me luck