Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 3

Well day one and two went well with me eating right and perhaps not enough. I walked both days and had personal training last night. Today I worked from home due to snow and while not walking I also ate pizza for a combined lunch / dinner. It was one of the delite pizzas from papa murphys so it could have been worse. By sparkpeoples estimation I think I ate 2100 calories for the day and while It was not majorly bad (they gauge me at 2000-2300 a day) It was over the 1500 I am trying for each day. To help combat this though I got on the bike trainer as I kept on threatening, partially because I knew I needed to and partially to combat the pizza. All I can say is WOW. I can tell its been too long.

Stats for ride are :-
  • time taken 16 mins 59 secs
  • ave speed 14.81mph
  • ave cadence 64rpm
  • max speed 19.07
  • trip distance 4.15 miles

stats are ok but not really to my liking, I could feel it and the legs etc feel it after the ride. It makes me want to do it more get back the 2-3mph I have lost. If I am really serious about the century I need the 2-3 mph plus another 2-3mph. I need to get it up to 20ish I think. Working out 100 miles in a six hour time frame it would be a constant 16.66mph but i know I will have to stop. Give myself 45 mins and in theory I could get away with 19mph, even at my best last season I was not even close. Work has to be done and its started thankfully.

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