Tuesday, March 13, 2012

working out

I ended up getting some numbers run on me at the Gym last night and it really surprised me. Seems part of my problem may be that I don't eat enough. I had thought I as doing ok and maybe a little under on what I ate but I may be under eating by half each day. The numbers show that to help me lose a healthy amount of weight I should be eating about 2100 cals a day of which I need to get about 260g of protein. That's not a typo people I need 260g of protein a day.. ERK. On top of that I need to drink a gallon of water, this to a guy who is lucky to drink a cup *LOL*

I'm gonna try work hard to eat the way they have suggested though. In the 2 weeks since I had my stats taken and my body fat was measured at 35.1% I have dropped half a percent of body fat. Not a lot but I am happy with it. I keep going to the Gym, I keep eating primally and I might just get to a point I am happy with.

Ok I need to get back to it people. Be safe and see you on the swingside


Friday, March 9, 2012

Things they are a changing

And I continue to surprise myself. I didn't think I would ever do it but I joined a Gym again. Not only Joined but I am actually using it. In about 10 days I have been there 3 times and have worked out at home on one day also. For a couch potato this is a change. Even better than that I am enjoying it. I like the fact that I am getting to go with Jen and she is getting to be my "personal trainer". Seriously though she is the best person for it. Not only a motivational person in the Gym (yeah I'm a T-Rex LOL) but she also knows how I need to train primally and it helps.
It took me a bit but I am trying to note down what we do for each workout so that if I go to the gym without her (I assume she wont be able to be there every time) I will be able to do a good workout for the area I work on.
Goal for this weekend is, we hope, to get out on the bikes and get the little girl re used to her bike trailer. It may just be a couple of looks around the neighborhood but its still activity *WOOT*


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weigh in for February

I made a mistake in my last post. Weigh in was today the 1st and not yesterday. Sorry my bad. I went into this weigh in thinking I had not lost anything as I felt I hadn't made any gains this month. I was wrong thankfully *LOL*. Current weight as of 6am this morning is 249 lbs which is a loss of 6lbs for the month and 19lbs since Jan 1.

Goals for the month of march.
  1. Deal with college. Seriously deal with it I mean.
  2. Keep my carb intake at about 50 carbs a day.
  3. work out at a minimum 2 -3 times a week.
  4. Find somewhere in this month to have fun *LOL*
Oh yeah, suckage for the week is I can' get to Gym tonight. Life is interceding and I need to get last of sub floor layer up in kitchen for the weekends festivities (read flooring project). Talked it over with Jen and we will get there Monday for Definite.

Have a great day. S.