Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy Last week

Ok first off weight on Sunday morning was 245LBs so I believe a loss of about 3 lbs. Still not really working out but still trying to focus on that and failing.

This last week has been pretty hectic. For those not in the know TN was hit by a pretty bad storm at the start of the month. I thought we had got by pretty much scott free. Alas I was wrong. I have been dealing with in the last 4-5 days with dealing with registering with FEMA and talking to the city of Clarksville to try and help me out. Basically we had a storm drain that did not do its job and ended up submerging our HVAC unit and part of our yard in about a foot and a half of water. We are 3 weeks later and my ductwork still contains water and my system is inoperable due to it. A quote I have received is that we need a new HVAC and new ductwork. Oh JOY!!!!!

My hopes are the whole process will be painless but it may result in it being a hot painless due to no HVAC *LOL*. We have lots of box fans running to try keep up airflow but it is getting a little warm outside !!!

More updates when I know anything but before I go I want to give a big shout out to Allstate. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!! It was impressive how fast they rushed to respond to our claim with a great big DENIED. seems if the rain had fallen directly into the unit it would be covered but hit the ground and your SOL. I am pretty mad at them but then I think most of the others are probably just as bad. Seriously we don't live in a flood plain why the hell are we not covered... could it be because as the insurance companies say 90% of damage is through flooding so they don't want to pay out!!! biggest annoyance though was they didn't even have the decency to put it to a TN adjusted they sent it to TX. how can someone in TX look at it... maybes they didn't plan to and this was the dept that scowers through the policy for an out.

Just my 2 cents. Rant over.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weigh in

Well weigh in for the week was a little late (this morning) due to having to work Saturday (12 hrs in a server room moving lots of hardware) and getting to the scale.

Couple of pound weight loss which I'm happy with as food intake was bad this weekend (and I'm sure the donut for breakfast will not help, thanks Colton ..... actually its all I will have for breakfast so as long as I eat the way I plan to the rest of the day there is zero damage).

Weigh in at 6am - 248.5lbs

Still having motivational issues with getting on bike and going to Gym. Its still being worked on but I am seeing it as a multi step process where I seem to have the eating almost in check and I can partially blame the lack of riding on the crappy weather the last week (cant blame no Gym on it though).

Goal for this week is at least 1-2lb of weight loss, we shall see and if I can I want at least a bike ride in.

See yah soonly.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Slow update

So we got out last Sunday (yeah I know its Friday) and did 2 hrs of mountain biking at Rotary park. It was fun by all although hard and I was whining like a little girl due to abuse by my pedals on my shins *LOL*. Details for the ride are below (first recording with Iphone app).

Weigh in on Sunday was 251 so I had a loss of 6lbs for the week but am still 8lbs from getting back to my restart point *le sigh* to continue on the journey. I can but keep trying.

Stats For the Ride

Distance :- 3.54 miles
Elapsed Time :- 1hr 57 mins 01 secs
Speed :- Ave : 1.8 mph Max : 8.7 mph
Altitude:- Min : 331ft Max : 443ft

Link to the Google Maps output from the App.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flooding brings first Ride of season

So as everyone probably knows Mid TN got hit by a LOT of rain which has caused major flooding. At this time it is difficult to get into Nashville from Clarksville and parts of Clarksville (as is Nashville) are still under water. Last night Clarksville had a curfew in effect from 8pm till 4am and there is talk of it happening again tonight (WTH). Our house came through ok-ish. The room that was originally a garage but then converted during building got flooded a little and by the time the wet/steam vac was finished I had picked up 15 gallons of water from the carpet although there was more on the floor and 2 days later it is still drying. We had water rush down from the storm drain and washed away our onion patch plus I believe got under the house a little so we are allowing that to air out and will check to make sure all duct work is good in a few days.

I tried to get to work yesterday but failed. Got as far as Briley Pkwy and had to turn back. 55 miles in a 60 mile trip, it sucked. Because I was then off on vacation I tried to make thew most of the day and when Jen suggested a bike ride I took her up on the chance. Stats are below but lets say I was surprised how well I felt after a 20 mile ride. I was hoping to have the stats pulled from my IPhone also as I have an app to track but I had it in direct sunlight which the phone did not like (it overheated and rebooted *LOL*). Perhaps next time we will get some results.

Here is route we took.

Stats of the Ride (which I hope are first of many)
Distance:- 19.41 miles
Time:- 1hr 25mins 51secs
Ave Speed: 13.57mph
Ave Cadence:- 61rpm
Max Speed:- 25.42mph

As a side note I am trying hard to get my food back on track while I did have a 2400 calorie day yesterday if I go by spark people and factor in my mowing also I burned 2200 calories... go figure. Now if it just reflects in a loss on Sunday (Oh yeah weighed myself last Sunday and I had hit 257lbs..BAD but it is the line in the sand... this week WILL be down)