Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weigh in

Well weigh in for the week was a little late (this morning) due to having to work Saturday (12 hrs in a server room moving lots of hardware) and getting to the scale.

Couple of pound weight loss which I'm happy with as food intake was bad this weekend (and I'm sure the donut for breakfast will not help, thanks Colton ..... actually its all I will have for breakfast so as long as I eat the way I plan to the rest of the day there is zero damage).

Weigh in at 6am - 248.5lbs

Still having motivational issues with getting on bike and going to Gym. Its still being worked on but I am seeing it as a multi step process where I seem to have the eating almost in check and I can partially blame the lack of riding on the crappy weather the last week (cant blame no Gym on it though).

Goal for this week is at least 1-2lb of weight loss, we shall see and if I can I want at least a bike ride in.

See yah soonly.


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