Friday, May 14, 2010

Slow update

So we got out last Sunday (yeah I know its Friday) and did 2 hrs of mountain biking at Rotary park. It was fun by all although hard and I was whining like a little girl due to abuse by my pedals on my shins *LOL*. Details for the ride are below (first recording with Iphone app).

Weigh in on Sunday was 251 so I had a loss of 6lbs for the week but am still 8lbs from getting back to my restart point *le sigh* to continue on the journey. I can but keep trying.

Stats For the Ride

Distance :- 3.54 miles
Elapsed Time :- 1hr 57 mins 01 secs
Speed :- Ave : 1.8 mph Max : 8.7 mph
Altitude:- Min : 331ft Max : 443ft

Link to the Google Maps output from the App.



  1. Awesome job on the weight loss. Just remember there are going to be ups and downs. Plus you are way ahead of me.

  2. Just noticed you are in TN. So am I.