Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Just felt like posting.

Been a crazy month and not that its been bad but just that I have a feeling I will weigh in next week to a few pound weight gain. No one to blame but myself. Vacation for 10 days and not being strict about watching what I eat, then home and doing the same.

I have found myself sans motorcylce this month. Its a self imposed ban of riding the concours as I dropped it and I just feel its not the right bike for me. It is now officially Jens bike as soon as it comes back from repairs by insurance. If I can get an adjunct position in my field I hope to clear funds to get myself a cruiser to keep me going.

In the meantime maybe I can take my Road bike off the wall and actually ride it *gasp*. Think I need to have a me ride (get a baby sitter or take a day of and it could be a group ride woot).