Tuesday, March 13, 2012

working out

I ended up getting some numbers run on me at the Gym last night and it really surprised me. Seems part of my problem may be that I don't eat enough. I had thought I as doing ok and maybe a little under on what I ate but I may be under eating by half each day. The numbers show that to help me lose a healthy amount of weight I should be eating about 2100 cals a day of which I need to get about 260g of protein. That's not a typo people I need 260g of protein a day.. ERK. On top of that I need to drink a gallon of water, this to a guy who is lucky to drink a cup *LOL*

I'm gonna try work hard to eat the way they have suggested though. In the 2 weeks since I had my stats taken and my body fat was measured at 35.1% I have dropped half a percent of body fat. Not a lot but I am happy with it. I keep going to the Gym, I keep eating primally and I might just get to a point I am happy with.

Ok I need to get back to it people. Be safe and see you on the swingside


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