Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting back

I have not posted quite as much as I wanted this month, guess life took precedence *LOL*. Its another 30 day block over and done with and the one stat that we check at the end of each block i that of weight. Yeah I know its not a true indicator of how well things are going but when you are obese its something you can look at and see that some ground is being made.

Weighed in on Saturday and the scale reported 240 lbs so that's a loss of 9 lbs for the month. I am again happy with this as it is not too drastic of a weight loss for the period (only 1-2 lbs a week). I am hoping that I can continue to go to the gym and continue to eat as primally as I do. I will say that the eating part has not been bad and the working out has actually been fun although I missed most of last week due to "stuff".

I still think I have problems with my eating though as I think I am still not eating enough or drinking enough water. To top this off I got my vitals checked and while BP was a LOT better than it has been in a long time (it was 126 / 90 WOOT) and my triglycerides were way down I have elevated LDL and cholesterol. For now I am having to make some changes to my red meat consumption (reduce it and meat more fish and chicken) but I have elected to avoid all drug use to combat it until I can let the primal lifestyle do its work and hopefully equalize my stats. My hope is that one year from now I will be able to report lower weight and better all round stats.

Enough for now. Laters S.


  1. Cholesterol crap is still up for debate. I am a believer in the theory that 'fast food farming' has changed the makeup of fat in cows, etc... and if we went back to feeding them grass (generic term) and not feeding them steroids, that our red meat would be much better for us.

  2. That said... Good fish is definitely good for you and should be your meat of choice twice or three times a week, imho. :)

  3. My problem was I was eating a HELLa lot of red meat. 12-16 oz steaks 3-4 times a week *LOL*. I am eating a more balanced meat diet now and salads are more enjoyable *LOL*