Monday, April 30, 2012

Check in Time

Ok well its been a HECTIC month but its coming to an end thankfully. Big event of this last month is I will be graduation with my Masters in Instructional Technology this Friday so I am a happy camper *grin*.

On topic however. I have not been able to work out much the last 3 or so weeks what with Embers birthday, the in laws visiting and just other stuff going on. I weighed in this morning and the weight is 236 lbs which is a drop of 4 lbs. Hopefully its a drop of fat and not of any muscles I had.

Goals for the next month
  • minimize sugar - we are doing a 21 day sugar fast to try squeeze sugar out
  • get to the Gym more. I must must must do this.
  • Relax!!!!! ohhhhh yeah
Ok just a short post. Laters guys.

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