Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend etc

So we spent the weekend at Gabe and Ems, I don't know how well I did, I guess we will know tomorrow at weigh in. Saturday we headed out to a Sushi place and finished off the evening by going to an British pub and then back to their place for some rock band. Sunday involved a lot of relaxing and watching movies.

Today I have felt sorta out of sorts. I cant put my finger on it but just know that I aint my usual chipper self,. ahh well tomorrow is another day *grin* I did however get my ass onto the trainer for a bit. Stats as follows:-
  • Total Distance :- 5.7 miles
  • Trip Time:- 21 mins 58 secs
  • Ave Speed:- 15.57mph
  • Ave Cadence:- 67rpm
  • Max Speed:- 19.07mph

Apart from that not much happening Getting my head round being in school and arranging for the books I need. Talk to you tomorrow with the official weigh in.



  1. Tonight, I will get 45 minutes and 10 miles of stationary cycling out of you...

  2. *groan* my poor legs have wasted away... they need leg strength returnd *LOL*