Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gym update.

So I signed up to the same Gym as Reggie has been going to. Worked out (cardio) with him last night and ended up at 8.77 miles in 35 minutes at level 12. It was a hill climb program and It got hard at times. *grin* goal of Joining the Gym is that with Reggie I will have someone to go with and keep company. I find if its left to me I am not going to do it *sigh* it sucks but hey, I liked this Gym and I get a little cool keytab to get me access. wooooooo.

I will be continuing to see Mandy as my PT at APSU but I hope between the 2 places I can finally push my body to the place I want it to be *LOL*.



  1. I had an epiphany today. I think we get frustrated with diets because it doesn't seem to come off as fast as it built up. Scientists have recently verified that perceptually, time does actually fly when you are having fun. I gained 65 pounds in what seemed like a blink of an eye, because eating is hell-a fun when in actuality, it took a year and a half! The opposite is true for tasks that are difficult; time perceptively slows down. So here's the epiphany, it should take considerably LESS time to drop the 65 pounds, but since it takes more than 30 days (==NOT FUN), it is easily considered a failed project because it is taking FOREVER. How do you make loosing weight fun...

  2. Well, if you're lucky like me, your body thrives on that endorphin high. That makes working out fun fun fun! :)