Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day one

Well the festive period is DONE. I weighed in this morning and I am 250lbs. Today is my attempt and putting actions where my words have been, I have walked both morning and afternoon and I am shooting for some cycle action tonight. Food wise I am keeping track again and dinner is looking to be healthy n yummy.

Goals for this year are:-
  • Reach 200lbs by the end of year
  • ride a century event.
  • investigate a iron man event.
  • be healthy.

These goals are dependent on my doing what I am saying so wish me luck


  1. Dude. I am 249 as of yesterday. I have to walk the straight and narrow with you.

  2. Its been really hard of recent. I think it will help us all that the festive period is over. Even if you are not out and about people still seem to have the mindset that its ok to be bad. I had days this weekend where I had 2-3 scoop bowls of icecream twice in one day. I needed to be slapped *LOL*