Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silence is not always golden.

Its been a quiet few months from me recently. Unfortunatly I have been busy. I have been busy working on college, busy doing motorcycle things and as such my cycling and my weight have both suffered. I weighed myself this morning and Im about 248lbs. Its not to bad but its not where I want to be. Since the colder whether came in I have cycled a total of like 6 times. I bought the trainer so I could cycle through the winter.... I didnt... *le sigh*... I signed up with a gym to keep me motivated.... I haven't been in almost 2 months.... I dont go to PT anymore.

What the hell happened!

Heres what I see as has to happen

1. I get school done for the summer. 2 more weeks...... 2 more weeks

2. I get on the bike and I ride. Then I ride more. Then I ride more. From what I can see I will not make dragon con this year so I think I want to try make my goal for then to be that I do the Clarksville century. Its a flat ride so I think I could do it. But only if I get my ass back on the bike.

3. I am paying for the Gym. I am going to get back to going. Reggie if you read this I will text you each time I am going to go. You will join me and you will lose weight with me *LOL* well I hope you will join as you will be invited and welcome.

4. I am going to ride more. oh yeah I mentioned that. Well it is true. Talking of true I really need to get my wheels trued *again le sigh* but hmm I now have a good source for a bike shop. wonder what they will charge.

If you don't hear much from me for the next two weeks don't worry. I am not gone but its because I'm not fully back. This is just a warning to everyone to expect postings to happen and weight to go away.

Have a good few weeks.

"Lard - Ass" :-)

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