Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend update

Well as everyone knows it was Valentines day this weekend, but it was also my birthday. woo hoo. Official day is today but there was an event Friday. I was picked up by Reggie and we proceeded to Dave and Busters in Opry mills Mall. After 100oz of Guinness I was relaxed and we had fun fun fun.

On the Saturday we messed about in preparation for Valentines night Dinner. Gabe and I were preparing appetisers and main course and Jen and Em did the desert. For appetizer we had a sweet pepper bruchetta which turned out great, sweet but also a little savoury with the Garlic, definite yummmmmmm (Gabe prepared this).

Main course was lamb, fried in some olive oil till nice and tender then covered with a balsamic vinegar reduction. It was placed on a bed of greens and fried pears were added (with reduction on them also) and finished with some sliced avocado. Cooking was done by yours truly and presentation was completed by Gabe... Picture is below of finished result.

Dessert for the evening consisted of chocolate fondue with pretzels, banana, strawberry's and pineapple complete with toppings (crushed mint cookies, nuts and coconut) all in all a very tasty dinner washed down with a bottle of Tempo wine from Beachhaven winery.

More to follow along with weekly weight update tomorrow.


  1. You forgot to say that the chocolate fondue was a Mint Bailey's fondue. YUMI!

  2. Love sux.

    Oh, btw, I met the loves of my lifetime this weekend! Peya and Ivelissie. Now I just have to meet them again and tell them.