Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The things we do

We ate at O'charlies last night, and I think I did well I had the black and blue salad for dinner. My one partial cheat was the cheese wedges. I didnt eat the wedges, just the cheese. *grin* casue cheese is on the low carb diet. If you are unsure what I mean have a look below *LOL*.

See you soon


  1. Yeah its crazy how unhealthy eating out is. Those cheese wedges, for one order, is 880 calories, 56g of carbs, and over 1000mg of sodium. I forget the fat content, but it was high as well.

    Crazy. I think restaurants really do add all the bad stuff to food to make it taste better.

  2. That picture just looks awful. Looks like a severed cow tongue...