Monday, March 2, 2009

Weight and weekend

Ok weight date for the week, measured at 6am this morning :- 300.5lbs
I would say 300 or 301 but it was right in the middle!!!

So I now find that weekends are my true nemesis. I guess the saying about idle hands is true. I had Larry over to have a few drinks and watch a movie or two. We ended up talking more and watching movie less and I drank one or two Gin n cokes (low carb yah know). While im still pretty sober he ordered a texas size pizza(20") and I got 10 hotwings. as the night wound down (and my alcohol level wound up) I had a couple of slices.....damn the gin *grin*.
It wouldn't have mattered much though Saturday I went to 2 places to eat and it was impossible to eat without having carbs, I eat pretty healthily in both places, with the worst being some onion rings.
It still wouldn't have mattered much because the worst was yet to come. Jen and I meet up with Colton and Melinda to have some lunch before studying at blackhorse, I order a Diet Coke and while drinking it I keep thinking to myself *man this is sure syrupy* and *why am I feeling so blech*. Finally I have Jen try it...... she tells me that no it is not Diet, and on top of everything it is not even coke *WTF taste buds at least tell me I don't have the right drink* I had been given Dr Pepper....damn my Scottish accent for getting me in trouble....

Movies Watched this weekend :-
  • Taken - this is a good old fashioned action movie, I loved it, lots of violence and death *LOL*. I would recommend seeing it and i think I might like it for the collection.
  • Superbad - This was a stupid funny movie, the coming of age / trying to get laid type movie. even though the genre has been played to death a good laugh (its on watch instantly courtesy of netflix).

Ok that's it for now..... time for work.



  1. DOH! That sounded like an EXCELLENT weekend. I'm sorry I missed the festivustivalities /kickstone. I've wanted to see both of those movies, but I end up working from 6 am Saturday until 3 am Sunday (straight) and from 9 am Sunday until 3 am Monday /sigh.

  2. Oh, dude. GRATS ON THE WEIGH IN!!! Was it the theme song?

  3. I dont know it might have been. Every time I saw sugar based foods I would hear the rocky tune in my head.

  4. I have to throw my two cents in on Superbad. I honestly think I hated that movie more than American Pie. Don't get me wrong, Superbad had some funny parts, but it was incredibly vulgar. Another one of those "I have to lose my virginity before going to college so let's do whatever it takes to get laid" movies. I just have no respect for movies that portray women (especially teenage girls) as merely walking vaginas. And they top off the ridiculousness of the movie with a moral message that ended up being less ethical and more as a piss-poor attempt at excusing the movie's vulgarity.

    I had issues with Taken, but I don't want to ruin the plot, so I'll keep that for discussion later.

  5. And I absolutely despise how they make males out to be brainless bodies strapped with a thinking penis.

    ok, I don't hate that because it's absolutely funny and I can laugh at myself.

  6. Oh, I forgot to say.....

    Had fun Steve... we should do it again soon, but without the pizza. I was hurting the next day :)