Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cycling Milestone

Today's Cycling has been suspect all week. The weather forecasters had been calling for a good chance of storms today and as I sit here posting they couldn't have been any more right. Thunder, lightning, hail and rain all in about a 30 second period *LOL*. That's just now though. For most of this morning it has been dry and at about 1.30 pm it was dry enough for us to go for a ride. I had kept saying that I thought I could do a 15 - 20 mile ride and kept wanting to do one.
*Trumpet Blaring* Yup that is right We did a Kirkwood to Guthrie run. approximately 20.5 miles of cycling goodness.
Stats for the ride:
  • Distance : 20.5 Miles (from Reggie's computer)
  • Ave Speed : 13 mph (approx for trip)
  • Ave Cadence : 67 (cadence worked)
  • Top Speed : 27.85mph (another new P.B. may have been faster)
  • Time Taken : 1hr 30mins (approx)

As noted from the stats I had computer issues again. We ended up moving the computer onto the bar going from front to seat rather than the handle bar and it looks like it has resolved the computer issues, we shall see. Below are pictures of our accomplishment of reaching 20 miles *grin*

We are all going for a long nap now *grin* Cycling and Ruby Tuesdays makes for tired peeps.

Laters Steve


  1. You forgot the part where I got chased by dogs on two occasions, and both times you and Reggie skirted by virtually unnoticed. I'm so buying some pepper spray.

  2. WooHo..ouch. Great job everyone! It's going to hurt so good tomorrow.