Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Update

Weigh in for the week taken Sun 8am : 297lbs

In celebration of the nice weather the Bikes were checked out for problems, put onto the back of Reggie's truck and we headed down to Clarksville fairgrounds. Unfortunately Jen was unable to join us for cycling as she had a prior commitment working on some buffalo hides (which I'm sure she will blog about herself). As you can see from the map below (ignore the multiple destination points it was the only way to show the route *LOL*) it is approximately a 1.5 mile circuit.

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Reggie's cycling prowess showed as he was able to do approx 15 miles. My slightly heavier frame (my frame not the bikes*LOL*. It is thankfully light) meant that I only did 9 miles. My main problem, I believe, is that when I pedal my legs are bowing out (Jen noticed this and confirmed what I thought) and it is putting pressure on one of my muscles which in turn is cramping up. I'm hoping by concentrating in keeping my knees in and building up strength in the muscles that this will resolve itself, it may also help that as I lose some weight there will not be as much weight to move *LOL*.

We would have done more but as we were fighting 15-17 mile an hour winds my bike decided to bounce of road while I was taking a break (MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) which took a nick out of the end cap and tape of the handlebar so 5 minutes later we headed to the bike shop to see if there was an easy fix and I wanted to pick up a pump for our bikes anyway (the one we have would not pressure my tires which needs between 100 and 130psi, it was lucky to get to 70psi for Jens bike but will be a good emergency pump). I eventually bought the same as Reggie's which turns out is actually a bike shock pump and handles up to 400psi but did not have the right valve adapter.

One presta valve adapter later and I'm good to go *grin*.

On Sunday I am feeling sorry for my poor derriere as it is feeling a little tender from Saturdays ride but at about 4pm we receive a call from Reggie.... the cycling bug had bitten him again and was heading to the fairgrounds. 2 minutes later both Jen and I are getting ready *LOL*.

Since this is the first time we have had to transport both bikes we are wary about using the 30 dollar bike rack that attaches to my car with straps. with about 1700 dollars worth of bikes we didn't want them to go flying. After a brilliant idea by Jen we now know we can fit both bikes in the back of the Jeep wrangler and they are very stable. Next time we do it I will provide pictures.

Mileage for the day was approx 19 miles for Reggie, 10 miles for Jen and 7.5 miles for me (same problem cramping muscle but not as bad as Saturday). Once again it would have been more lileage but when thunder is roaring and lightning is showing on the other side of the river we decided it was time to quit *LOL*.

Movies watched this weekend were :-

  • Shooter - Not bad movie with Mark Wahlberg. Basically a shoot em up action flick .

  • Equilibrium - now I know what Christian Bale did before Batman, not a lot. I sent this back without watching the end. it was duuuuuuull.

  • D-War - This made Equilibrium look good. the two stars netflix gave it were too much.

  • Crossroads - an old movie, what I watch was not bad and I mainly watched as I think I had seen it many moons ago. I think I have seen it but don't remember anything so truly memorable *LOL*.

Ok think thats me for this weekend. Time to get back to work. Laters all.



  1. Grats on the weigh in milestone! Keep it up! No..wait.. Keep it down!!

    Concerning your you remember how much lower your bike seat was in the back of my truck? Could it be your seat?

  2. I think its time to raise it up and see how it goes