Monday, March 30, 2009

Weight Goals.

I have decided to set my next goal weight (My last one was 285) plus I am setting a minimum goal weight for Dragon-Con 2009. I worked out how many weeks till Con (23) and figured out if i can loose 2lbs a week and giving me 3 weeks of plateau I want to lose 40lbs.

So Goals are:
  • Next level Goal by When I can but hopefully within 5 weeks :- 275lbs
  • Dragon Con Max weight (I hope) :- 245lbs


  1. Well you are doing really good so far. You just have to learn to not get discouraged when you don't lose a lot of weight, and you need to learn that just because you have a bad day (or just a bad meal), doesn't mean quit. You just keep working on it every day, and do the best you can every day.


  2. Hmph. Kinda like cycling. Never (..ever) stop pedaling and you'll get to the top of that hill!

  3. I think this time around I have realised. When I didnt lose and had the snday I gained the pound it actually steeled me to do better. This is not a diet / workout regimen this is a lifestyle change for me, and I think its more than words this time. I am living this life now.

  4. good to hear your success, steve. roll on, brother.