Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Cycle - Quick post

Ok this is a quick post as its 11pm and I am exhausted from our cycle. We did the Sango full course that is used by the Clarksville Cycling Club. In the end we had to use our lights to full effect as it was dark.

After the Ride we dropped the bikes of at Reggie's and went to New china buffet. I think I did not bad and the only known carbs were 1 spring roll and a half dozen sushi pieces. I just competed the night with yummy low carb ice cream so I'm content.

Stats for the Ride:

  • Distance : 17.81 Miles
  • Ave Speed : 12.66mph
  • Ave Cadence : 63
  • Top Speed : 35.11mph (another new P.B. zooooom)
  • Time Taken : 1hr 24mins 28 secs

G'night all

Edit: Ok its next day and I'm awake and sore *LOL* - Reggie reminded me what else I wanted to mention. It was another Red letter day for Reggie. He finally got me to say "Reggie I hate you on this ride" it was during the last long hill when I was crawling up on my lowest gear at 5mph *LOL*


  1. There is not nearly enought reg-hate in this post.

  2. I meant to mention how proud I was of you and Jen for not only sticking out that unexpectedly long ride, but coming on strong at the end. 19 mph for 4 miles is amazing! I thought I was part of a well oiled team after we started from the overpass. Those two long hills will teach you everything you need to know about cycling. You are now ready for anything the Big Hill Challenge can throw at us. Go TEAM!

  3. We need more challenging routes...I wasn't sore today at all. Just an effed up back that will hopefully be corrected soon. :)