Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grump Grump Grump

Ok Weighed myself after vacation (this morning) and I am 295lbs . WTH, WTF, GTH, MFW and a few other expletives. I feel fatter, My stomach feels bleh, and I feel generally unhealthy. Stupid vacation food (it was yummy though). This is a minor setback for me, (note: minor i will be back down to 284 SOON), the vacation did what I needed it to do, I feel rested, I feel ready to take on the world and work. For my health I have already started my vacation food healing process. Its a 3 step plan.
  • Get back to low carb eating (effective this morning)
  • Get at least one 10-15 mile bike ride in this week ( I would prefer a 25 mile ride or 2 15 milers)
  • Focus on how I eat (Jen told me the following: I eat too fast & I don't know when to say enough: I need to fix this).

Coolest part of the vacation bike related was that we found this cycle company (we though it was a store) that makes custom bikes. We talked to the guy that builds them and he gave us advice on making Jens bike more road like (plus he gave us a nice set of hand made road tires for free which were installed on her bike last night) plus he gave me some good advice on ways to fix a numbness issue I am having due to my cycle seat (common issue in cycling due to trapping of perineal nerve). I recommend if you read this blog and are cyclist who wants a bike made around yourself for a very reasonable price you need to go here: ELITE BICYCLES


  1. Wow. Carbs actually and actively hate your guts. I'll be more careful with flaunting my love affair with carbs around you now.

    I think another problem we have is distracted eating. Instead of having dinner around a table where we can fill our mouths with talk as well as food, we have dinner quietly around the television where some wacko shushes you if you speak during Chuck's night. TV doesn't slow our rate of food intake. Maybe we should have dinner, clean-up and walk/ride nights with friends on a rotating basis.

  2. ...that might be a good idea if I wasn't sure we would end up watching TV...

  3. ...wait, but what if we are "playing" TV, Rock Band or Wii style...

  4. heh heh MFW is Mother Expletive weight. I just felt an outbursting.

    And yeah the carbs are a hating me Reg. That is why they are evil and must be eliminated. *LOL* you know I think dinner clean up and then ride each night is an acceptable compromise. Now if this crappy weather would just behave!!!!!!