Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Wall is big and strong

Athletes always talk about hitting the wall where they cannot go any further. For me I think the wall snuck up behind me, gave me a wedgie, threw me on the ground and then stole my bike. Reggie took me on the Lock B route and it kicked my Scottish Arse. The first hill we encountered I made it, at 4 miles an hour, up it. The main hill at the riverside I had no chance. Reggie and I hit it in the wrong gear configurations and by the time we had dropped gears to combat the hill our bikes had both come to a stop. For the first time since I started cycling I had to get off and walk my bike.....Damn you lock B hill.... Damn you all to hell. *LOL*. On top of dealing with the wrong gears I also tweaked my left leg a bit, nothing too bad but I could feel it as I cycled and when I hit the bigger hills I cycled as much as I could and then had to get off and walk (only 2 hills thankfully) of the 15.5 miles we rode I think we had to walk about 0.75 miles.

Stats for the Ride:
  • Distance : 15.52 Miles
  • Ave Speed : 10.09mph
  • Ave Cadence : 59
  • Top Speed : 41.47mph (new P.B. by 5mph)
  • Time Taken : 1 hr 32mins 20 secs

I'm going to hobble on to the rest of the night. Laters.


  1. That route actively hates bicycles.

  2. Seriously, I don't remember it being *that* bad. Yeah the two big hills sucked, but we made them up the first time.