Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Update and Attempted Murder.

Ok, weight update for the week first. Weighed myself at 6.30am and I am :- 280lbs which means I have had a 5lb weight loss for the week which is all good.

Now down to the business for the day. We headed out for a 22 mile bike ride today and I think that Reggie planned it to kill me *LOL*. I am just not sure how I go about reporting it to the cops as I survived and there is no evidence *LOL* (Love Yah Man). We did a route that took us from Kirkwood baptist church to Port Royal State park and back.

A certain idiot who will remain nameless (ME) forgot his Cycle Computer so all stats are from Reggie's computer. I will not post cadence or max speed as I know they are not the same.

Stats for ride:-
  • Trip Distance : 21.7 miles
  • Average Speed : 12.8 mph
  • Trip Time : 1 hr 42 min 55 secs

Time for me to get onto what I need to do today.... a 12-15 page paper that's due by Tuesday 5pm. Laters...

Edit: forgot to mention. We stopped at this little convenience store/restaurant that is run by a Mexican couple to get more water. We were so impressed we drove back and had lunch there. it was yum yum yum. Its just next to the state park entrance.


  1. WooHoo! Great job on the weight and on the ride! But enough celebrating; time to get mad at carbs and hills.

  2. One of thing, you know that each week you are cycling with less and less weight right?

  3. yeah, but I have yet to see a performace gain. I think when I get to a certain weight you might have to put go faster stripes on me *LOL*

  4. It will come with time, you just have to keep working for it. I remember the first time I ever ran a mile I nearly fell off the treadmill I was so excited. It'll sneak up on you, I promise. But you are improving, at least I can see a noticeable improvement in your performance. I think you aren't giving yourself enough credit.

  5. As long as I can sit on a bike I will keep working at it. it is one of the most enjoyable things I do in public without getting arrested for indeceny *mwah hah hah*. I think I see improvements but am never sure. Things like I cycle more in the highest cog in the front instead of the middle and on this last ride I found it easier to keep it on the middle to get up the hill ( especially since I was so tired I couldnt sustain the high cadence needed to get up in the low gear)