Friday, May 1, 2009

College Stress

So I have officially finished all my School work for the semester and at least 8 months. If I pass the classes I will have a second degree, this time a Bachelors of Science in Political Science. The Big thing is IF I pass. I took 3 classes this semester (as well as doing 12 hr work days) and I know I have an A in one as it finished 8 weeks ago. The other 2 well that's a different story. One of the classes is an RODP class, this one I went into the final paper of the class with a definite C grade even if I didn't turn the last paper in so this means no matter what I have passed the class. My last class, however, has me sweating buckets. In the 15 weeks run up to this week we have only did work to get a max of 33.3% of our grade. I did well there and got a 32% our of the 33.3%, the remaining 66.6% is split between a research paper and an exam. I submitted the paper Tuesday and am waiting expectantly. Jen proofed it and thought it was an OK paper but that doesn't mean the prof will like it or that I will get a decent grade for it. The Exam, gahhhhh, I studied but it is difficult to study when you have to study 4 books and are unsure of what is wanted. He told us get there general stance on things and know about important info so I took notes, thought I was ready and took it. Lets say I think I did bad. I don't mean bad I mean BADDDDDDDDDD. He said he will curve exam but even then I think it will be BAAAAAD. I have to stew for at least 3 days though as the exam doesn't close till Sunday and then its the time till he curves and posts the grades. Till I know if I passed or failed I will be sweating buckets and if I fail lets say I will not be happy with myself.

On Cycling news it is now T-Minus 8 days to the Watertown Big Hill Challenge and Reggie and I are registered and ready to go. So, of course, is the rain. At the moment there is only talk of scattered showers so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It just sucks that I'm finished with school and cant get a decent ride in.

Well that's it for now, just wanted to post while I stress, I will talk to you Sunday with a weight update.

Laters S.

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  1. Just say, "One day, I will know my score." and BAM!

    These things usually turn out better than we expect. CONGRATS on your second degree!!