Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Weekends Activities

Weight update for the week : 268lbs a loss of 2lbs.

It was a busy weekend as Gabe and Em came into Town. We went for a 10 mile bike ride with them Saturday and generally hung out and partook of a few alcoholic beverages (Reggie and Jenn there also), I would go into more detail but the creative juices as rather dry at the moment. Once everyone had gone home Jen, Reggie and I went for what we call the Clarksville Hangover 1/7th Century *LOL*. We finished off by acquiring some subway and eating it at McGregor Park.

Saturday Ride: Link to Gmaps

Stats for Ride:
  • Distance : 10.83 miles
  • Time Taken: 54 mins 26 secs
  • Ave Speed: 11.95 mph
  • Ave Cadence: 50 rpm
  • Max speed: 30.57 mph

Sundays Ride: Link to gmap Stats for Ride:

  • Distance : 14.68 miles
  • Time Taken: 1 hr 01 mins 28 secs
  • Ave Speed: 14.36 mph
  • Ave Cadence: 62 rpm
  • Max speed: 26.94 mph

Gmaps is not very accurate for the last ride due to a road not being shown so I have approximated. More to tell but I will wait till tomorrow. Ok I'm going to lie down *grin*


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