Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blond roots are showing

So I decide to clean the bike last night. Not a bad thing I hadn't done it since I got it and it wanted cleaned. I get to the chain stay on the chain side and I feel a ridge, a ridge that goes down the bike around to the back and back up, it feels raised and I freaked out and took it to REI. I was right there was something there. A protective screen to keep the chain stay paintwork safe...SIGH I hate days like this



  1. I hated it too. Particularly when a decision is made that this is important enough to send a text about after midnight...

  2. look I didnt realise what time it was...sorrrryyyyyyy

  3. Well, we've all done silly stuff like that - showing our blonde side and making phone calls/texts way too late! Ahhhh, memories. . .