Sunday, May 10, 2009

Carb Frustration

So as usual today is my official weigh in. But just to highlight my frustration at times let me explain. I checked my weight Friday to confirm that what I was doing for the week had been working and I had a weigh in of 274lbs. As it was not my weigh in date I did not record it. Yesterday I had the Big Hill challenge and because of it I ate carbs just before, during and just after. I get back onto low carb for the rest of the day but guess what it still affected me I weighed myself for official Weigh in day and it is not 276 but not quite 275 Due to the Pre-weigh in and due to it not being 276 the official weigh in for today is 275lbs.

It does get frustrating with the fact that I probably burned a good 2000+ calories yesterday and only ate 1500-2000 throughout the day but I gained weight!!!! Part of it could be the leg muscles gaining muscle mass as they do feel as if they received a good workout and I could have lost some from being off the bike for over a week due to weather.

As I have reached my immediate goal 2 weeks early I need to set a new immediate goal this will be :-
  • 265lbs by 14th June 2009
  • long term goal is still 245lbs for Dragon con (weigh in for it will be last weekend in Aug)

By maintaining the diet level and hopefully getting plenty of time on the bike I hope its not too hard.



  1. Still, 275 is AMAZING! I have a feeling that this is just a primer week for a big loss next.

  2. If I can get on the bike plenty I hope so, I need to get on the bike even just for 10-15 miles