Sunday, May 3, 2009

New week

I am glad its a new week. Even with the good weigh in I feel fat this week and its getting to me. I don't want to starve myself but I also don't want to eat stupidly. I need to focus and not eat out this week. I have a couple of lunches this week so I think I will just hang out with the Monday one and possibly eat the Thursday one. Either that or just hang both days.

When we took Jens bike in to leave it "for a week" as we were told by the cycle guy when I called a few weeks ago I was told that with warranty service its actually only a day or two and most times same day if you schedule an appointment... WTH... Jens bike will be ready Tuesday and I am going to try get my Bike into my car tomorrow AM to take it in also. We shall see. If weather permits I may use the rack.

Time to sleep.


  1. Hehe, that reminds me of trying to avoid everyone at work because you haven't seen the tivo'd dodgers/cubs game and don't know the score but you know as soon as you see anyone the first thing they will say is, "you want to go out for lunch..."

  2. You need to eat at the lunch on Thursday. . .I'll be there! It's a special occasion! ;-)

  3. Seriously dude. This is the right time to get mad at all those damned dirty carbs. They do nothing good for you so why should you suffer them any pitty. You can win the battle for 275 and go a long way to ending the war with weight.

    It's time to get angry and determined.