Monday, May 18, 2009

New Week, New mindset

It is the start of a new week and I am ready to face forward and get myself going. We have a bike ride scheduled for tonight and even though I had to eat out at lunch Mike and I walked down to the location and back so it negated some of the caloric input from lunch.

Due to being out of town etc I will be weighing in tomorrow morning before work and I am cringing at the thought. I have the feeling that I have gained 2-5 lbs but that I am not worried about it because I feel that I am out of the funk I was in all last week. It was a carby weekend with rolls for the burgers we had. I made sure they were whole wheat and avoided chips like the plague and generally tried to be good but I just have a feeling about the weight gain.

On the funk, I do think I was just having an "I cant be bothered with this carb diet" moment and by getting through it without going wild it has made me a bit stronger. If I have gained weight my goal for this week will to be to purify myself of evil carbyness *LOL* and to get the weight back off I gained.

We bought a Tomato plant to go into our tomato hole in the back yard and plans are afoot for a herb garden also so I am hoping to get that done tomorrow night or Wednesday before the chance of rain appears. Either way it is hopefully gonna look kewl and provide us with herbs etc whenever we need it.

ok Posting for now, more later with ride stats and tomorrow with weight. Peace out.


  1. haha...funny thing is, it really is a "tomato hole."

    Well, even if you gained weight, I lost another two pounds, and that's all that matters. :D

  2. *grin* thats for definate. As long as there is weight loss around it is giving the positive vibe to the other fat cells that they need to go away *LOL*