Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Ride and Weigh in

Weigh in for this week is 270lbs which is a loss for the week (short week also) of 8lbs. I think it was because I rode so much this week and ate healthily.

Ride for today was from the house to Waffle house at riverside dr (*grin* yup healthily), I ate within my diet which was a 3 egg omelet with ham, cheese and jalapenos....YUMMMM

Stats for Ride

  • Trip Distance: 11.07 miles
  • Trip Time: 45 mins 24 secs
  • Average speed: 14.61 mph
  • Average cadence: 60 rpm
  • Max Speed: 32.39 mph.

We are heading to Ren Faire today so will maybe post with Pics. depends if I take my phone out *LOL*

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