Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weight update and thoughts

Ok so first things first Weight. As of 9am this morning I am : 278lbs a loss of 2lbs for the week.

We have not had much chance to ride the bikes due to crappy weather, I just hope to get at least one ride this week before Watertown and it might have to just be on a stationary bicycle at the Gym *sigh*

This Saturday Reggie, Jenn(our friend) and I went on a train ride to the Monterey Dogwood festive. All in all we had a fun day. 9 hours in a train and 1hr at the festival. They gave us too long at the festival. Let me explain :-
  • The dogwood festival should have dogwoods, I saw none, there was a report of 1
  • A festival should have festivities, 6 stalls of which 3 were hotdog vendors and one other was a polish sausage vendor which was just a hotdog for 3 times the cost does not count as a festival.
  • A stop where there are two shops and 1 gas station should NEVER be stopped at, deliverance all over again.
  • If you are going to open a store and call it Jimmy's toy and bike store (name changed to protect the guilty) and then advertise it for the festival here's a good hint.... HAVE SOME BIKES in your bike store.

Today its time to take Jens bike in for its service while she is on vacation and then we head to Watertown to gauge the route for next week. I gotta get stuff done so laters.


  1. Great job on the weigh-in! You are on the edge of a milestone so push hard through that last mile.

  2. Contrats on the weight! I know it's not been easy, but you are doing great!
    If you come down here any time soon, I promise I'll find some way to make you a good polish sausage! :)

  3. *LOL* stupid polish sausage ruiners they are!!!!!!!