Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ouch Ouch Ouch (Wednesday Ride)

Well we headed out for another ride tonight and my body was not happy. From the start I was lagging behind. What started as a 20 mile route ended up having to be an 11 mile route. My legs were so tired that every time I needed them to put some pressure onto the pedals they would not respond to my need. I am not sure if it was just riding for 3 days straight but Jen thinks it might be due to me not eating anything of substance before coming home to ride. I think tomorrow will be a rest day (read doing lawn work *LOL*)

Stats for the Ride:-
  • Distance : 11.77 Miles
  • Ave Speed : 12.5 mph
  • Ave Cadence : 61 rpm
  • Top Speed : 30.57 mph
  • Time Taken : 56mins 29 secs

Time to rest my weary legs *LOL*


  1. *LOL* it is the "my grass needs cut and weeds need whacked" rest day *LOL*. no rest just not able to ride. Plus I have a day off from riding I will be good to go for a 20 mile on friday and a 50 mile on Sunday woooooooooo

  2. can but think big *LOL*. but we have been talking about trying a 45-50 mile ride *grin* Hell I would be happy with a 30-35 ride