Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Ride

So I did a first today. I had a solo ride. Well I think its my first solo ride *LOL*. Jen didn't want to ride tonight and Reggie wanted to, got here with his bike then realised he was sans shoes and with locking pedals he was S.O.L. I was tempted to not go for the ride but Reggie pushed and prodded and I headed off on my merry little way.

Stats for Ride:-
  • Distance : 9.8 Miles
  • Ave Speed : 14.46 mph
  • Ave Cadence : 68 rpm
  • Top Speed : 23.61 mph
  • Time Taken : 40mins 49 secs


  1. It was very sad watching you crest the 101 bridge as I passed under in my truck.

    I'm glad and proud that you went. I would have labeled you a coward. "And when I say that you are a coward it is only because you are the slimiest weakling ever to crawl the earth."

    But you aren't. In fact, many of the people that pass us in cars would have trouble with your distance and speed. You did good.

  2. It isnt the going by myself thing that would stop me from going, it is the laziness trying to creep in and make me a couch potatoe again!!!!!!

  3. I've very proud of you for going!! Go Stevie!!

    (Nice use of a "Princess Bride" quote, btw, Reg)