Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow update

Ok so I am taking my sweet time to post *LOL*. One of the things I did this weekend was buy a new saddle, handlebar tape and gel inserts all to try resolve my numbness issues. The first purchase was the Specialized Avatar Gel 155 saddle.

So far I have only done 15 miles on it but I do need to drop the height a little bit and perhaps move it forward slightly also. Results from the 15 were good but I will need to confirm with tonight's or this weekends longer rides.

The other area of issue is the handlebars. I have wanted to replace the tape since the ind caught it and damaged a very small part of it (yeah I'm vain). As I bought the white saddle I decided on some Bontrager white Gel/cork tape. Upon talking to the guy in the store (Bikes and Moore, Hopkinsville, KY) he also recommended Isogel Bar Padding from bontrager also, the idea is to put extra padding where the hand will be most as shown below. It goes under the bar tape so I should have fun installing it (still need to get the white electricians tape).

I should be posting a little later with stats from our ride tonight (weather still looking very good). So talk to you then.

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