Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tour De Wayne = D.N.F.

For those that are unsure what D.N.F. is it means we Did Not Finish. Jen had to be picked up at mile marker 30 due to injury and Reggie and I were picked up at mile marker 40 as we were just disgusted and didn't want to do it any more.

So what was so bad about the Tour De Wayne. Let me tell you first what was not bad about it. The rest stops were brilliant. They looked to be done by volunteers and the fare they provided was amazing. They get 5 stars for that. The Sag Support were great also. When we needed them we ended up getting guys that were really cool. What was not great about SAG was the markings. Most had red tape on their mirrors or back of vehicles which you could not see till almost too late. The Facilities for changing/showering at the end were scary!!!! I understand that its a high school but the showering facilities looked scary and they had hair clogging up the drains. I didn't feel safe taking a shower. The worst thing by far about this ride though was the condition of the roads. While a percentage of the route was on normal roads part of it was on tar and pitch roads. This by itself is not a problem. What is a problem is when these tar and pitch routes are so degraded that they are nothing but potholes and in sections they even had gravel. This was not a route that road bikes should have been travelling, hell I think it would give car shocks a run for their money. It surprised me that I did not bust a spoke, I do think that our wheels will have to be re-trued after this "ride". While they did warn about the tar and pitch beforehand we were not told about the poor condition till the start line WTH.

I don't think the Elevation data is accurate for this route so no maps are provided. Lets just say, lots of uphills very little downhills (not that bad on real roads though - the trace uphill was fun, although about 7-8 miles long *LOL*).

Stats for ride:
  • Trip Distance: 39 miles (approx)
  • Trip Time: 3hrs 00mins 14secs
  • Ave Speed: 12.69 mph
  • Ave Cadence: 59 rpm
  • Max Speed: 35.11 mph

The three of us did however have fun on the trip and this is the main thing that matters about this event. I think we all agreed though that :-

  1. we will NEVER be back to Tour De Wayne
  2. we need to work more on our stamina and speed
  3. we need to do 30 mile routes on organized events and work on our distance with the clarksville route.

Last but not least Weigh in was taken Friday and I am at 262lbs a loss of 2lbs for the week.

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