Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craigslist is Evil

I have been looking on the bike section of craigslist for the last few weeks. I had an idea that if we could find one an older road bike might get Jen onto a lighter model and if the chance came up I might be able to find cheap road shoes for us along with clipless pedals.

I log on today to find a pair of Sidi road shoes, bearing in mind that I have not seen a pair of Sidi for anywhere less than 100 dollars (new) these were on sale for 35 dollars. I contacted the user and it had to be fate. He works at Vanderbilt also and I was the first to contact him. A visit to his office, a try on of the shoes and I am now the owner of my first road shoes (shown below). These shoes are in almost new condition. Only damage is scuffing on the toe which if you even try on a pair of road shoes will happen *LOL*.

Why is Craigslist evil, cause I think its going to keep me poor!!!!!!

New road shoes

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  1. Oh how times have changed. Used to be it was me that kept you poor. :D