Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bike Update

Ok its 4.35pm and I thought I would update those that do not know what happened with the wheel. I took it in at 10am this morning and they initially found the hub?? to be too tight and loosened it to the right tightness and repacked the bearings. After doing this the noise was still there so I left it with them and headed back to work with them planning on working on the bearings as they felt a few might be out of round.

I was hoping that was all that was wrong but they had warned that if there was other damage in the hub it might need a replacement wheel *groan*. I got a call about 1.30pm to tell me that it was not the hub/bearings causing the issue but that my Freewheel was toast and that it requires parts they do not have in stock. This is where REI came into their own. The guys knew I have a 60 mile ride this weekend and I was looking for the bike for tonight so I could tweak more (although I could have waited till tomorrow). Immediately after telling me this he said that as he knew I was hoping to get the bike back they couple replace the wheel with a comparable shimano wheel! I didn't have to think I said Yes in seconds *LOL*. While it will probably mean mismatched wheels (probably one black one silver *LOL*) it will mean I am riding and it works into my long term plan of getting another rear wheel for end of season for the trainer.

I hope to give my final wheel update with pics of the new wheel on the bike (and new saddle) when I get home tonight.

Talk to you soon. S.

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