Thursday, June 25, 2009

quick update

It has been a hectic week and its taken me till today to post about Tuesdays ride. As such I do not have the stats and will amend them on later. We rode the "Lock B" route but in reverse and then cut a section out to eventually ride 11.5 miles. All in all it was a fun ride. Jen did get a little under the weather but that might have something to do with the fact she had worked out twice that day before even riding *LOL*. After the fact we relaxed with some nice salmon and Cod prepared by Reggie and watched a really cool documentary called "Dream Riders" about a father and sons cycle trip from the west coast of the US to the East Cost.

This weekend we have Gabe and Emilie coming to stay and in theory Gabe will be bringing his new bike. If it is with him our goal is to take them on a kirkwood 20 mile ride (a nice easy ride *LOL*)

Stats for ride:-

  • Trip Distance :- 12.03 miles
  • Trip Time:- 58min 24sec
  • Ave Speed:- 12.36 mph
  • Max Speed:- 38.44 mph

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