Thursday, June 4, 2009

Latest on the Bike

So the bike is back and It has a nice new wheel. As promised they put a Shimano Wheel on more specifically a Shimano R500. Its design is very similar to the original wheel so there is not a glaring difference.

I also progressed to install the gel additions and the handlebar tape onto the handlebars. It took me a little while but I think they turned out pretty well. I just hope that it lasts on the handlebars!!!!! Picture of the bike with the new additions shown below.


  1. Looks great! Just don't drop it again on Saturday...

  2. The hardest part was starting and finishing. When wrapping it seemed to be pretty straightforward. I had to unwrap the 1st one after finishing though as I had left a gap at the hood area that was visible.

    At the start it was difficult to leave excess tape all the way round but I think it ended up good.

    At the end I just dont have enough knowledge to cut the tape right and tape it with electrical tape right.

    Overall though I am very happy with it, just worries it wont last *LOL*

  3. Looks schnazzy!

    Makes me want to get a REAL road bike, dammit. :D