Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weight update

As the last post states I did a 60 miler yesterday. Normally when I ride I will gain a pound or two due to water and whatever I eat on the ride but within a day or so its quickly gone. As a safety net I will weigh myself on the morning of the ride and the morning after generally taking the Saturday weight as its lighter. Not this week. I weigh yesterday I was 265. Today I weigh in and I am between 264 and 263. I weighed 5 times and it came up 263 twice and just below 264 the other 3 times. So I have to say

Official weigh in at 10am Sunday is : 264lbs a loss of 4lbs for the week.

Since I started this journey in February I have lost a total of 45 lbs

What surprises me about this week is what I eat for a few days. Friday night we picked up a pepperoni de-light pizza from pappa murphys and I had half of it. Yesterday after the ride we had sausage, baked beans and lemon orzo, cherries and low carb ice cream/fat free milk shakes which is more carbage than I normally take. I think looking more to lower calorie input has been doing the job.

EDIT: Just noticed that I have completed my goal weight a week early. I had marked it as being 265 by June 14th. It has been completed Jun 7th. Reset goals as follows.
  • 255lbs by 12th July (the usual 2lbs a week goal)
  • Still a Max of 245lbs by Dragon Con.


  1. Excellent! So what you are saying is that on weak weeks, you need to look to trade-off a plus in carbs with a minus in calories?

  2. I think that might be the idea. Either that or keep it to one maybe two day and be extra vigilent on the other days. Plus make sure I get a 60 miler in each week *LOL*. of course I want to get half a dozen 60 mile rides in so I can then start working towards the century ride *mwah hah hah*

  3. Just to point something out, carbs are calories. By not eating a lot of carbs you are subsequently not eating their associated calories. You've been on a reduced-calorie diet all along, you are just very specific about where those calories come from.

  4. hmmm, did not think of it that way. Vera true