Saturday, June 6, 2009

Metric Century

So we completed our first metric century today, ok well almost. After conversion we did 99.05 kilometers. To me that's a metric *LOL*. We had arranged to be at the start point for 7am but ended up running late which left Reggie standing about for over 30 mins. All I can say is sorry man. The ride followed the Clarksville Sunrise metric century route and while it was pretty flat my legs seemed to get tired a couple of times. Reports on the seats and handlebar tape. Seat is great, while sore from sitting at 60 it performed better than the original. Also no numbness that I can tell. Handlebar tape I couldn't really tell. I have to unwrap one as I have a minor gap that I want to fix but no biggie
no elevation this report. It has just gotten too big *LOL* Click on the gmaps linky to view it.

Stats for the ride:

  • Distance: 61.56 miles
  • Time Taken: 4hrs 24 mins 43 secs
  • Ave speed: 13.71 mph
  • Ave Cadence: 59 rpm
  • Max Speed: 29.97

Its late and I'm tired n sore so more tomorrow (weight n such)



  1. I'm still a little confused on the ride time. We started a little after 7:30 and ended about 2:30. That's 7 hours. How did we end up with three hours of stop?

  2. Im not sure, perhaps it was closer to 8am by the time we started... I think at least an hour was used in trenton and guthrie (combined) apart from that not too sure