Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back On Track, Just not Clarksville Speedway Track,

After the relaxing evilness of the Vacation we got back on the bikes and went for a 9 mile ride (approximately). Starting at the Great Escapes movie theatre and heading down tiny town road, turning left at needmore and after visiting Clarksville speedway (hmmm who knew we had one) used the subdivisions to get us back to tiny town safely. I'm not doing gmaps as we got lost and did a few streets a couple of times *LOL*.
And talking about Clarksville speedway. Its difficult to take it seriously. Looks more like an excuse for boy racers to take their toy cars and rev them hard. Even though there is a sign saying open to the public we had some power hungry woman drive up at speed in a POS minivan and say we couldn't be there as they were doing test/tuneup rides, and that they charged entry (hence why there was no one there) and we had to leave..... made me laugh that she seriously thought anyone would pay to get in there (wait is that a nickel on the ground there you go speedway Nazi that should cover us for all three entry fees).
I also made a minor change to the angle of my bike saddle as I had some numbness issues (trapped perineal nerve which seems to be common) and I had a bike mechanic from Elite (mentioned in last post) recommend a couple of things. I need to make sure on a longer ride but no numbness tonight. Finished the evenings physical activity with working out arms with Jen (using 20lb dumbbells and 20lb barbell)

Stats for the Ride:

  • Distance : 9.2 Miles
  • Ave Speed : 13.01mph
  • Ave Cadence : 60
  • Top Speed : 26.94mph
  • Time Taken : 42mins 36 secs

Have fun



  1. Followed up with Mexican food (our after ride favorite) and Getsome coffee and Blackjack. WOOT!

  2. My favorite part was being lost in suburbia. I was seriously frightened of that place and honestly wondered what would happen if we were still lost after sunset. No, seriously.