Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On vacation

Ok As you know we are on vacation and I will not be getting out much on the bike (read none). My goal is to try be as healthy as possible but know its almost impossible to eat low carb here. Below is a picture from our hotel room in Philadelphia so view is not bad. This may be my only post as we will not have net unless we need to post for school (at 10 dollars a day its too damned expensive, but not as bad as the 38 dollars a day parking!!!!). To combat the weight I know I will probably put on we are trying to walk every where and are making use of the Fitness center in the hotel. I worked out for 15 mins on the bike and then worked my legs a bit on the machines.

No chance of being lazy this vacation. So far we have :-

  • hiked a moderate trail in the Smokey's (4.6 miles) which left me out of breath again due to altitude.
  • walked a 1.3 mile trail at our campsite in Virginia
  • Worked out at Fitness Center in Hotel (15 mins bike, 60 reps at 120 hamstring, 20 reps at 80lbs quadriceps, 60 reps @ 65lbs quadriceps)

I will post pics direct from phone if I see anything cool.

Back to Fuuuuuun

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